Гётеборг ночью

Sweden is a country of gourmets. You can just, and with a hearty appetite to eat. The second largest city in Sweden is considered to be the city Gothenburg. The locals called it the most delicious city.

Breakfast buffet

Ancient food market of Goteborg was opened in 1888 year. Later was closed. And in 2012 opened after reconstruction, today it is the most appetizing market of Saluhallen.

Gothenburg_04The market Saluhallen is located in a very historic building and reminiscent of the train station. Worth a visit in the belly of this massive structure, that own eyes to look, what a real buffet. Here in abundance any meat products, such as pork, beef, game. On the market vegetables and fruits. The range is simply incredible, and may surprise the seasoned gourmet. Of course, in the market of Saluhallen has fish and seafood, but not in such abundance as at the fish market Gothenburg.

Fish market

For local residents, a major fish market Feskekorka. Feskekorka is translated as “temple fish”. Outside the fish market Feskekorka resembles a Gothic Church.

Fish market in GothenburgOn the shelves of the rows of fish mainly salmon, tuna and lobster. Oysters, shrimp – what is there not. The market every year, the festival, which compete in opening the shells of oysters. Local resident, managing a small restaurant in the market Feskekorka, is the current winner on opening oysters.

Gothenburg's cuisine is fish and seafood. Locals always fresh seafood. In the past, cuisine of Sweden was underrated in Europe, unlike French cuisine. But, after ten years, the attitude has changed, and several Swedish chefs recognized in Europe and was awarded the title of "chef of the year".

According to Swedish chefs, in the main dish – no frills, and the taste. The simpler, the better. “Delicious simplicity” – so they call their meals.

Shark aquarium

In 2001 year in the city centre of Gothenburg opened the Museum Universeum. In which on the lower floor is an aquarium, one of the largest in Europe.

Gothenburg_02The pride of the aquarium is the shark, especially tiger. What species of sharks are there in the Universe: reef shark, shark babysitter, the fish saw, stingrays.

In Gothenburg 10 a variety of museums for every taste. But the most visited and crowded is the Universe. In this Museum, adults can feel like kids again, and children to get away from the computer.

If you come to Sweden, you should visit Gothenburg. This amazing city will fall in love with it and will not leave anyone indifferent.