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Today, hardly anyone does not think about renting a car without a driver. After all, sometimes you have to travel frequently, and at far distances including. Yes, and in General, take the family on vacation, go to any travel, ride every day to work and back in comfort-this is the dream of many. But money is not all enough for your car. And here the saving solution-rent a car. Do not think, This is a complex process. You just have to weigh everything, Choose a decent company, the preferred brand of cars and take other actions. After all, nothing to be missed, because or abroad, or within the precincts of the hometown security is first and foremost.

Whether to auto lease

Cases, when urgent and often need a car, giving mobility and freedom of movement, certainly, many. But the main factor is the regular travel or relocation, whether it is at home, whether abroad. When it is not just about comfort and convenience, but such factor, as time, here, surely, very good car hire without driver.

Since this is one of the key services of many companies, mobility will be ensured at any time. And the answer to the question, specified above, clear-yes, Auto lease should be. As to the issue to come up? First, It is necessary to decide whether the Internet rent-auto or on site. The second option is chosen by the, What is more profitable. (A) in the first-focused increasingly on those, who has experience in renting, using search engines.

Advantage car rental online

Firstly, This is a cheaper cost, than renting in place.

Secondly, produces timesaving, because don't have to call anyone and go round, to find something more reliable.

Thirdly, people will get the car then, When it will need to, with the class, its suit.

Fourthly, booking a car online, people are faced with situations, When a company does not require data on their credit card.

What to choose-a large or small firm

Certainly, local rental office less will cost you less. And here's the nasty surprises here almost guaranteed. Talking about possible frauds with credit card, about old cars or car with hidden defects, insured event with the problem and so on.

And in a large company is more convenient-clearing cars in one place, You can pass in a different, even in another country (truth, and pay for it will have to more)! So, as advised by specialists, It is better to choose authoritative international (If you want to trip abroad) or local, that many years is engaged in these services.

What you should know about booking machines

First, What should be is the presence of physical possibility of lease (that is, the existence of rights to driving, credit card and a valid age (18-25 years)).

The second -a number of additional options:

  • The inclusion or non-inclusion in the car rental unlimited mileage (and then for each additional km have to pay).
  • Tank-machine is given with a full tank, so, and return it with the same amount of fuel, or to pay for the missing amount of gasoline.
  • Baby seat in the car-you will need it the family.
  • GPS-Navigator-without it in some countries, it is difficult to. You can not order option, and manage PDA with GPS or road map.

The third, insurance, which is sometimes the main share of spending on rent a car.

The fourth, taxes-important, to only the taxes were included. Here need special vigilance.

The fifth, It must be remembered, the number of days of hire cars will be calculated from the moment of its receiving. It is necessary to clarify in its admission, otherwise expired time will have to pay as rental day.

The sixth, It is necessary to take into account the cost of fuel and paid tracks, If they are en route.

And most. It is advisable to take the car for a longer period is cheaper costs. It is equally important to carefully read the terms and conditions of car rental, and reservation, print, take with you.


If the car is rented abroad, It is advisable to treat it only reputable companies. Booking a car, You should read the lease and insurance (It is important to know, how and what to do if an accident or breakage). To get auto, need to get a passport immediately, and have other documents, without which the rent is unrealistic.

If the car is rented in the city, Here everything is easier-taking car of a reliable company (where advantageous prices, and there are discounts, and registration nedlinnoe, and the choice of models of quality auto, extra options etc.) for the long term, the driver receives, In addition to mobility, and other pros-every moment machine access, at any time, you can travel wherever you go: and on a business trip, and for a walk, and at work, and greet guests, etc. It is also important, that the client did not think anything about repairs, Neither the maintenance of the machine, nor winter rubber, etc. It is equally important in both cases, follow the rules of the road. In other overseas car rental without a driver would be costly.