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Хабаровск осень пруд

Khabarovsk hotels

Attractions, theaters, museums and hotels in Khabarovsk - that's what little, that attracts tourists and travelers in the distant Russian city. Khabarovsk in the east of Russia,...
Бассейн возле основного корпуса Паттайя Гарден отель

Pattaya Garden Hotel

Pattaya Garden Hotel is located in the northern part of the city, where spreads magnificent beach Wong Amat. Drive to the center of the machine only takes 5 minutes, to the airport...
5 лучших отелей Доминиканы

Top 5 best hotels in Dominican Republic

We bring you the top 5 the best hotels in Dominican Republic - Heavenly places in the Caribbean Sea. Casa Veintiuno 4* (Sosua). Boutique hotel Casa Veintiuno is located in the small town ...
Danieli hotel

Hotels of the world, famous writers

When reading a fascinating book person usually totally immersed in the plot, having a hard time parting with it after, as the narrative ended. Settling for a while ...
Топ 10 отелей с привидениями

9 the world's most popular haunted hotels

Are you afraid of the dark? If there is no, then, most likely, will be afraid after a night, held in one of those scary haunted hotels, inhabited by the spirits of ....
отель Luxor Las Vegas

Casino-hotel Luxor Las Vegas

Hotel complex Luxor Las Vegas in Nevada stands out from the rest of the buildings-building as big black pyramid immediately catches the eye..
5 лучших отеля острова Бора-Бора

Top 5 best hotels on the island of Bora Bora

If you have decided to spend your vacation on the island of Bora Bora, you've probably thought about choosing a hotel. We examined all local hotels and ranked 5...
Сад при отеле Grecotel Meli Palace

Five of the best hotels on the island of Crete

The biggest island of Greece captivates tourists the richness and depth of history, variety of beaches, coves, ancient fortresses and ancient streets. Life of Islanders unhurried, filled with harmony and. ...
отель Националь в Москве

Moscow Hotels

To make your stay rich and comfortable, to book rooms in advance in Moscow hotels. A wide choice of hotels of the capital allows tourists to choose the best option ....
отель Montana Magica Lodge, Чили

Montana Magica Lodge – fabulous forest hotel in Chile

Without a doubt, the Montana Magica Lodge, located in Huilo-Hulio Chile is one of the most unique in South America. This strange jekovilla made in. ...

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