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Страны без визы

9 countries, where it is possible to travel without a visa

Want to travel, but you are lazy to open a visa? Then keep a list of the nine countries, go to without a visa - with only one passport! Mexico Mexico. ...
Бронирование отелей

The subtleties of self-sustaining hotel booking

Tourists for a long time did not dare to go to travel without the assistance of travel agencies, to solve issues, associated with the selection of comfortable and affordable housing. Thanks to the world ....

Comfortable flight on an airplane

Travel with comfort is the dream of every tourist. This is especially true for those, who have to be configured on a long flight. Choosing the correct seats help. ...
Как получить красивый загар

How to get a nice tan on the beach

Going on a sea coast, have questions about how to meditate on the, how much you should be spending time on the beach, How to avoid sunstroke, How not to scorch and. ...
Кафе Дубаи

Browse cafes and restaurants Dubai

Any time of the year in a warm country - it's unusual, nice and very interesting. But if there be any holiday in Dubai, vacationers will open completely different...
Хостел в Европе

What is hostel??

What is hostel?? Probably, every average inhabitant of the planet has heard at least once the word "hostel", but what do you mean it's unusual for us, the word knows not...

Morocco Cuisine

Morocco colorful kitchen ocheny. In its creation took part Berbers, andaluzskie mavrы, Turks, Arabs, French Jews. Alloy the culinary traditions of these peoples and ... .
Шиш кебаб

Knowledgebase tourist. Dishes Arab Emirates

Going on a trip, every tourist, Ideally, should have an idea, What is a country kitchen of his holiday. During your stay in the United Arab...

How to choose a hotel in Antalya?

How to choose a hotel in Antalya? This question is given each person, who is going to vacation in this area of ​​Turkey. Often, traveling alone, people choose brand...
Горничная в отеле

Accommodation for travel: Hotel or apartment?

The basics of any travel is a country, which sent tourist, and housing, which will house the tourist to visit a country....

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