Уличные музаканты возле ресторана Blue Lagoon
Street musicians near the Blue Lagoon Restaurant

Paris is a city-a fairy tale. Getting here, almost everyone forgets about time. Narrow historic streets and modern chic avenues, building, architecture which strikes, fascinating landscapes-that's what, what you will see in the French capital. This city literally impregnated by the spirit of love, freedom and adventure.

Top 10 attractions in Paris

Probably, even indigenous Parisians don't know all the sights of his native city. After all, Paris is a city with a long history. Numerous revolution, riots, Court intrigue-here's what, that is associated with this city. So here there are lots of interesting places, worthy of your attention. To see them all, a lifetime is not enough. Therefore, If you have decided to travel to Paris, We recommend you to visit the most famous places, that are sort of the symbols of Paris.

1. Eiffel Tower. Undoubtedly, It is not only the main attraction of Paris, but the symbol of France. It is the most visited place in. Interesting, that many Parisians were opposed to the erection of this tower, and some still consider, that should carry.

2. Louvre. One of the most famous museums in the world. Great collection of priceless paintings by world-renowned artists, variety of sculptures, unrivaled décor and Royal luxury attracts around 10 millions of people annually.

3. Disneyland. It is a paradise not only for children, but for adults. In this park there is the magic of Disney. Perfect order, great service and lots of entertainment-that's the, what you'll see at Disneyland. Darkness thrilling rides will not let you be bored for a minute.

4. Versailles. This Palace many years ago was the residence of the French kings. Probably, This is the most beautiful, impressive and elegant place France. As Palace, Park Versailles and admired. Marble stairs, mirror walls, Golden ceilings-all this you can see in Versailles.

5. Notre Dame Cathedral or Notre Dame de Paris. This ancient majestic Temple became famous thanks to the novel. Hugo. It is located in the heart of the city on the island of Cité. The temple was built in the Gothic style. Façade of the Cathedral is decorated with interesting sculptures, and the gate is decorated with outlandish forged pattern.

6. Elysian fields. One of the main streets of Paris. It is here that often hosts various parades, demonstration or procession. Its length is over 2 kilometers. Strolling the Champs Elysées, You can see numerous boutiques and glamorous Cafe. Prices in these establishments can shock even not too great.

7. Montmartre. It is the highest point of Paris (130 meters). From the top of the Hill offers this view of the city, from which grasps spirit.

8. Triumphal arch (Arc de trionf). It is situated on place Charles de Gaulle. This famous monument of architecture decorated with unsurpassed bas-reliefs. Inside the arches Museum, Anyone who could.

9. The Luxembourg Garden. It is a place full of people at virtually any time of the day. After all, it is a favorite place to relax not only indigenous Parisians, but many tourists. Walking through the garden, You can look at Luxembourg Palace is truly a masterpiece of architecture. In addition, in the garden there are several fascinating fountains, various sports and playgrounds, as well as a few rides for adults and children.

10. Moulin Rouge. The most famous cabaret of the world. The façade is decorated with plaster cast of cabaret in the form of Red Mills. Now in this cabaret show one show entitled "Extravaganza". The name speaks for itself. More magic, grandiose and spectacle you won't see anywhere else.

Where to eat in the French capital

French cuisine is very tasty and refined. So many travelers, Once in the capital of France, want to enjoy a truly French cuisine. It is worth noting, What about 90% French restaurants offer traditional French menu.

The best restaurant in Paris Alain Ducasse is considered "». It is located at a five-star hotel "Plaza". This is the only restaurant, in which there are six Michelin stars. Also enjoy French cuisine can be found in establishments "Epicure", Paris Picnic "or" Le Jourdain». It is worth noting, the prices here are not small. Dinner for one person will cost you at least 300 Euro.

But this town has and cheap cafes. They are located mainly in the Latin quarter. These institutions offer lunch will cost you only a 10-15 Euro.

In addition, Paris is famous for around the world for its pastries. So be sure to visit such cafes, as "Le Crepuscule", La Droguerie», "Little Breizh», "Amorino" or "Pierre Hermé». It is in these establishments you can taste real French goodies, like ice cream, croissants, pancakes, Chocolate Brownies with different air creams and soft caramel.

Hotels and hostels in Paris

In this vast metropolis, as Paris, easily find a place to sleep according to your budget. In this city there are as luxurious 5 star hotels, price per room in which starts from 3500 Euro per person per day, and Cheap Hostels.

If you have an unlimited budget, You can rent a comfortable room in such establishments, as "Champs Elysees Plaza Hotel", "Mandarin Oriental", "Le Bristol Paris", "Balmoral Hotel"or"Paris Marriott Champs Elysees Hotel". They are all located practically in the Centre of Paris. In addition, near there are numerous cafes, restaurants and shops.

If you want to save, you are quite fit such hostels, as "Justabed", "Ideal Hotel Paris, "Jacobs Inn Hostel», "The Bastille Hostel" or "Peace & Love Hostel». One bed in a similar institution costs from 20 Euro per person per day.

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