Арабские Эмираты

Transit visa in the U.A.E. may be received when it lands . If done in advance will cost more. If you will be in the country for less than 24 hours, then pass this procedure and does not require. By receiving permission, You can stay in the country for 4 days. The U.A.E. has something to look at. There are many historic monuments and modern architectural masterpieces.

Do I need a visa if transiting through Dubai

It may be necessary, subject to the stay in the country for more than 24 hours or exit transit zone. Even if you just make the flight from RUSSIA in another country through the United Arab Emirates. Procedure cost much lower, than in the case of tourism or guest.

Dubai Airport is considered one of the most modern. For those, who flies to Thailand, China, Australia or Bali waits for a transplant here. You can take advantage of the opportune moment and see the famous singing fountains, skyscrapers and other city attractions.

In any case, you can not do transit visa

Make transplant in Dubai can be without its registration. This allowed, When between the landing and registration on another flight time span is less than 24 hours. No more days allowed to citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan be without special documents from. You do not have permission, You cannot leave the transit zone and attend city. You can walk only on d′ûtifri.

Transplanting takes 1 up to 2 hours, because the airport operates a clear and organized management system passenger traffic flows, but there are exceptions. A short stay in the country will save money, that would have to pay for paperwork.

Where the sign

In the Embassy to make it not possible, because it serves only people with official passports.

There are ways to:

  • through airline;
  • through intermediaries;
  • directly at the airport.

Let's look at each of them separately.

Registration upon arrival

You can go directly to the airport. Need to find a rack Hala service. If you do not know, where it is, Please contact any staff member.
The procedure involves paperwork and retinal photography. The price of the whole complex of services- 60 USD.

In order for a transit visa in the U.A.E. was framed, you will need the following documents:

  • a completed application form;
  • Passport, expiry date more than six months after leaving the U.A.E.;
  • booking hotel for the period of stay;
  • tickets to a third country or U.A.E.;
  • old and closed passport originals or copies;
  • information about all committed trips;
  • account more 30000 Br (solvency proof);
  • Visa photo for gluing to the questionnaire.

At registration upon arrival, you need to have with you all the basic documents. The questionnaire is filled in place. You also need to make biometric photo.

Getting through intermediaries

If you want to issue a transit visa in Dubai for Russians 2016 year in advance, you can use the mediation services of the site. The paper sent by email or regular mail. Electronic documents must be of good quality and does not exceed the requested size. These online services are available for Russians, for Ukrainians, Belarusians, Kazakhs. Use of the site is very simple. You need to register and create a personal account. Next, fill in the form, send documents. Carry out payment by bank cards. Early registration package of documents will be the same, How to travel. Color copies are required for all papers.
Another version of conciliator – travel company. But it will provide such service when buying tour.

You can also access independently accredited Center Marhaba Service. The price will be 5000 Br.

Getting through airline

Airlines, providing such services, – This is Etihad and Emirates Airlines. These companies serve a kind of guarantors. This is a required condition of the Embassy.
Seasoned travelers are advised to arrange a visa in Dubai through Emirates. Etihad have often malfunctions, that can lead to some problems. In this case, the choice is limited.

Travel with children

Make a transit visa for a child, you must also. When a child is entered in the parent's passport, make it free. Parents are requested to inform the relevant services. It will also be necessary to provide a birth certificate and a photocopy of passport pages with information about the child. If there are minor Passport, the same conditions apply, as for any adult person. You need to collect a package of documents and pay the fee. If the child is travelling with one parent, required to be in possession of an official permission from the second. When traveling without parents with third-party visa to transit through the U.A.E. is executed for the general terms and conditions. If this permission is not required again crossing the border from his parents.

Can refuse

There are several reasons for rejection:

  1. Among unmarried women under 30 years no special deposit account or the amount on it is less 1500 USD.
  2. Woman, age of less than 30 years, has no accompanying adult male relative or husband.
  3. A married woman did not provide a marriage certificate.
  4. Has opened visa, but it is not used. It will have to close, and then apply for a new.
  5. Random error. If the surname is quite common, that can confuse and refuse. In this case, you must appeal. The decision will be changed.