Красоты Западной Виргинии

Many people represent America as a huge megalopolis with skyscrapers and shining showcases shops. Others believe, that the rest of the country is possible only on the coasts near the warm ocean. But only those, those fortunate enough to visit West Virginia, know, that such beauty they won't see anywhere else. The picturesque scenery of pristine forests, clean rivers national parks, mountains and incredible rock with huge caves-all this attracts many visitors from around the world. Each tourist can find entertainment to your taste.

Flora and fauna

About 80% the State of West Virginia (West Virginia) covered with dense forest. It is here that was filmed the famous horror film "wrong turn", the heroes which had to flee from bloodthirsty cannibals in the wild forest. Of course, no monsters in reality there is no, but everything else is exactly like in the movies-huge cypress trees, Pine, Oaks, poplar and, of course, luxurious ferns in the swampy lowlands. Sunny meadows covered with daisies, moločaem and other wildflowers, Depending on the season.

Thanks to the efforts of zoozaŝitnikov and national natural parks in Virginia, in these forests can be found not only the raccoons, Skunks, foxes and rabbits, fairly common throughout America, but such rare animals such as white-tailed deer, American Wolf, black bear, opossum, Bobcat and Groundhog.

Fans of birdwatchers should definitely carry binoculars, not to miss a meeting with rare instances of Bald Eagle, Motley neâsytej, Cardinals, as well as the krasnohvostyh hawks and even pelicans!

In this area you can relax-Berry and mushroom picking, fishing and hunting (with license), rock climbing, biking and hiking, golf, kayaking and even a variety of excursions with experienced guides. One word, will not be bored!

Accommodation and meals

Lovers of wild nature, surely, enjoy the opportunity to relax in a tent. Such on the territory of West Virginia about 30. Place in them, it is desirable to book in advance, but you can register and on arrival. Depending on preferences and habits to comfort, campgrounds can be equipped with toilets, water pipe, electricity and cooking devices. Parking facilities are also available, gazebos for picnics, basketball and playgrounds, Therefore, the case for tourists remains small-choose camping and carefully examine its rules. Many tent cities allow visitors to travel with pets, which must be kept on a leash. Periodically in all campsites there are nice discounts on accommodation in forest huts or trailers. This information can be found on the personal sites.

If you prefer cozy cottages with views of the mountains and forest, the West Virginia there is no shortage of good hotels. They are all equipped with necessary furniture and modern means of comfort. The cost of living in them depends on the location of the, the type of housing provided and the number of stars in the title.

For example, the famous hotel Smoke Hole Caverns & The Log Cabin Hotel, located in the forest reserve of Seneca, offers tourists rest in the splendid timber cottages with wood burning fireplace, Jacuzzi, cozy kitchen and daily maid service, included in the price. Room rates vary from 60 up to 600 USD per night (check actual prices for hotels in West Virginia). Prices differ depending on the days of the week, seasons and equipment of rooms. Near Smoke Hole Caverns is a large souvenir shop, where you can buy a variety of gifts – jewelry, shoes and clothes, Crystal and silver, as well as various souvenirs with the logo of West Virginia.

Many hotels offer guests not to waste time on cooking and invite them to taste delicious dishes in their restaurants and cafes.


One of the most famous places in West Virginia is a residential house of the famous architect Frank Wright. Built near the waterfall, He is best known for his many postcards, fotooboâm and pictures for computer desktop. However, no picture can not pass it magical and very cozy charm is a must see with their own eyes only!

Blackwater Falls waterfall attracts tourists with its extraordinarily beautiful twists and Rapids, on which water pours an amber color. This make tannic acid plant hemlock and red spruce needles. This magnificent spectacle is imprinted on thousands of postcards of West Virginia and, of course, on the millions of pictures of happy tourists!

Seneca Rocks mountain has long been known for amateurs and professionals of climbing. Here you can from morning till night to engage in love-conquering mountain peaks, as alone, and under the guidance of an experienced trainer. Beautiful view, from the height of bird flight, Once again proves people, What better mountains can be only mountains! And if we add to this the huge caves, hidden in the rocks, then for real cavers better places and did not find.
In addition to the many attractions of natural character, West Virginia can please lovers of exotic journey on an old bathroom steam train along the Greenbrier River in Northern Pocahontas County. A most interesting journey lasting about 2 hours will give you good mood not only children, but adults. The tour ticket is 26 dollars for adults and 16 dollars for children over 4 years. Kids up to this age may ride on the steam train free.

Whatever chose traveler-mountains or forests, hilarious tent camp or the famous expensive hotel, in any case,, West Virginia is able to pleasantly surprise even the most experienced and discerning tourist. Here everyone discover America!