Budvanskaâ River - photo 2, Buyhotels (c)

Budva small in size, but a very popular town in Montenegro. It takes only 122 sq km. City located in the center of the Adriatic coast on a long arc of sand along the shore of the sea, which gave the name of Budva Riviera. Transparent seawater, sunny beaches, fabulous architecture with red roofs, healthy Mediterranean cuisine and vibrant nightlife attract thousands of tourists from around the world. Here, any traveler on the first day of your stay feels like home, because you can get around Budva just a couple of hours.

Budva is famous for its tourist attractions, are known worldwide.
The most popular and recognizable attraction in the whole of Montenegro is considered to be a bronze statue of a dancer. On the origin of the statue, with tourists, and the local population, runs several different legends. But we do know, that the creator of the statue of a dancer is a sculptor Gladimir Aleksic, the prototype of which was the 14-year-old gymnast. The statue is mounted on a large craggy rocks at the water's edge. It is from this place with beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea, Old Town and the ancient walls of the fortress. The city itself was founded 2500 years ago.

Old Castle

Also called Old Castle. The city was founded in the XV century and is protected by fortress walls. It is the oldest part of the city, She originally was a whole entire city. after the earthquake, 1979 the city was destroyed beyond recognition, but the recovery measures were taken immediately. And in 1987 g. Stari Grad adopted its original form. He currently represents a piece of the epoch of the XV century Venetian culture.


Sea Fortress St.. Mary (Citadel) It was built to protect the city from attacks by pirates and other foreigners from the sea. This is the most fortified point of interest Budva. tourists, interested in historical artifacts find the observation deck on the inspection shaft and several museums: Museum of archeology, Historical and Maritime museums.

Quay Budva

Quay Budva stretches far from the old town to the new hotel complex. During the day you can buy the fresh catch. You will be offering freshly caught fish, shrimp, squid, mussels and the most exquisite seafood, which is famous for its Mediterranean cuisine. Budva is well known for its nightlife. On the waterfront there are many cafes, restaurants and clubs. Evening and nightfall is fun and noisy. Vacationers and tourists spend their time strolling along the promenade and fun. On the big stage of the Old Town street concerts and visitors, and local stars.

Slavic beach

The biggest and most popular beach in Budva, this Slavic beach. He stretched all along the coast of Budva Riviera more than 1600 m. This beach has its origins in the Old Town and ends near the hotel complex. quiet, warm sea, pebble, sand and sun provide the tourists a comfortable and exciting vacation. Therefore, there is always a lot of people and did you like this seething life, who miraculously combined with unique natural scenery and impetuous bird hubbub.