Страны без визы

Want to travel, but you are lazy to open a visa? Then keep a list of the nine countries, go to without a visa – with only one passport!


Mexico is a wonderful country. It is ideal for those travelling on their own. You only get out of the hotel-you will have a wonderful world. You will see various historical antiquities, exotic places and Bitty population, not bored. Furthermore, You can go to Mexico even in winter, because in this country the endless summer.


For all lovers of adventure Thailand is an excellent choice. Here large Megapolis combine with tropical forests and mountain ranges. The country took a rather large territory, so a trip to Thailand guarantees, you will see many new places, experience vivid emotions and spend fun time. Don't forget to bring your camera!


If you love Europe, be sure to visit Serbia. Especially, to come to this country without visa. Here you will find many beautiful streets, cozy cafes and varied nightlife. Lovers of peace and relaxation will suit walks through the magnificent bridges and calming;.


Brazil is the birthplace of football. This country is really beautiful. Here you will find long river, tropical forests, beautiful beaches and warm climate. Diverse cultures mingled in Brazil, Therefore, each tourist sea is guaranteed impressions.


All fans of "the thousand and one nights" should visit Morocco. This country is animated fairy tale. Here you will see gorgeous palaces, If srisovannye from the cartoons of Walt Disney, famous markets, where you can find everything, and many other attractions. In Morocco there is the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. As you can see, here not only the desert terrain.


How can we not mention Turkey, where so many Russian people? Partying till morning, beautiful hotels, unspoilt beaches and sunny weather 24/7 is simply heaven on Earth.


Fly to the Maldives is a dream of every second girl. There are rare species of fish and animals, from many beautiful coral reefs and, of course, the famous turquoise water. All the air in these places imbued with freedom. And if the Sun and the heat you make you bored, You can always relax in the shade under a Palm tree green.


In Cuba there is youth. A country of perpetual partying, where you'll find so many original outfits, even Lady Gaga envy. Here, the Sun is always shining, the markets sell exotic food, in each corner plays modern music.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country, where reigns the ancient ruins, Temples, bungalows and sea forts. Ideal for tourist, who wants not just relax, but also to get acquainted with monuments of antiquity, to get a feel for cultural appreciation.

Choose any country and go!