гостиницы Санкт-Петербурга с завтраком

St. Petersburg hotels with breakfast – perfect for a one-day business trip savings. Prices in the economy class hotels can save in 1,5-4 fold compared to breakfast in the cafe (and even more so in the restaurant) and overnight stay in a rented apartment. Only economical lodging in the waiting room of the airport and train station, but this is not considered due to low security.

Part of compulsory service or additional service?

If you want to find a hotel with breakfast in St. Petersburg, then look for a minimum Two-Star Hotels. In hotels with a star power is not provided. In order to economize, better to choose a hotel, Breakfast is included in the payment for rooms.

Many people think, that it is better to choose a cheap hotel with clean rooms, and breakfast can be ordered if necessary.

In practice, for the additional ordered breakfast have to pay doubly, because he already is included in payment for rooms. The exception is hotels, where meals are not provided.

What better breakfasts?

Price of breakfast is about 20% the total daily cost of hotel accommodation. The cheapest, the so-called, typical breakfast. He prepares precisely data day. Depending on the range of services and image orientation of institutions, breakfast can be served in the mini bar, in a special room with multiple tables or in the room. In the latter case, the 30-50% more expensive.
Vegetarian Breakfast is more expensive on 30-40% traditional, and the cost of eating in the morning for vegans-in 3-4 times exceed normal scrambled eggs with sausage and bun with coffee.
It is difficult to predict the cost of the buffet. In practice,, the more services offers hotel, the more expensive the pleasure. The rule does not work, since chetyrehzvozdochnyh hotels. In these institutions in the cost of daily living include such services as a challenge unclaimed maid, free access to any entertainment venue.

Price in economy class hotels with the inclusion of breakfast in a common accommodation fees are (examines the average indicators of dvuhzvjozdochnyh hotels in St. Petersburg):

1. Single room with breakfast-traditional 600-800 rub.
2. Breakfast in the room- 1500-1800 rub.
3. Order breakfast cooking- 1000-1300 rub.
4. Vegetarian and vegan breakfasts- 1500-1800 rub.
5. Buffet-to 2000 rub.

The outcome of the

In order to economize, better to choose a hotel, in which breakfast is included for rooms. The most expensive – Vegan breakfast and buffet.