The popular Spanish resort island Mallorca the many faces and is always ready to offer tourists a lot more, than just the delights of mass tourism under the star “Ballerman”. Much more interesting is a quiet place Mallorca from a completely individual appearance and atmosphere. Design hotels, such as the hotel Jaime III, located directly on the beaches, make a vacation on this island is a unique individual notes.

Exclusivity combined with completely personalized services attract special guests, who know, what I want, looking for a unique and exquisite accommodation for the best days of the year. Of course, what you can give preference and design hotels right in town, that, of course, no way inferior to made nests, standing right on the beach: fine works of art adorn the halls and lobbies, functionality fused together with high comfort, and charming rooms provide exactly the atmosphere, you wish demanding guests.

Then, such designer hotels in their own Spa centres created all the conditions for, to pamper the body and spirit, is taken for granted.

Elegant originality on nine floors

If one were to select a sample, worthy to represent all the design hotels Mallorca, this role would have approached the hotel Jaime III. In this hotel guests are literally immersed in the atmosphere of elegance and aesthetics. Even upon arrival the lobby is large and impressive, high ceilings, creating the impression of openness from the top, arrived receive the signal, they were in the Kingdom of original and sophisticated design. The strong colors and modest shapes creates an inviting setting, in which attention to a certain extent, concentrates on fine sculpture and hung on the walls photos.
The idea is to offer guests vacation extra class in a modern setting and inspirational environment, and is implemented in a pretty Spa facilities at this design hotel, where wonderful moments of pleasure guarantee bithermic shower, sauna and Turkish bath. The Wellness zone, welcoming its visitors with white chairs for relaxation and beautiful wooden floors, around Jacuzzi, allows you to find inner peace and turn away from all the bustle.

Does not change your design style the hotel Jaime III and the cosy rooms. Warm dark tones, lots of light and modern furniture creates an optical Trinity, complement the high comfort. Of course, all rooms have, along with the usual TV, also the ability to view Pay-TV, free WLAN, large and mini bars.

Also extremely wide and the culinary offering of the hotel Jaime III, which is uncompromisingly a modern restaurant with large panoramic Windows and an elegant bar.