When you first go to Spain, advised to take note of: the country is fast becoming an obsession, it wants to come back again and again, you'll leave her with the desire to once again become a member of its fiestas, Madrugada and siestas.

Probably, You planned a beach vacation, a walk along the promenade or a short ride into town, but before you come to your senses, you will find yourself involved in a completely different process: Perhaps, it will be a riot of celebration of the local holiday (fiesta), and possibly, You will bewitch alien architecture of Barcelona. Even recommended to visit famous places - from the capital Madrid to Sunshine Coast (back), from the peaks of the Pyrenees to the cities of the Moors in the south - you will surely come across something unusual and exciting in the most unexpected places: whether unique restaurants in the Basque Country, wild expanses of central areas or grotesque silhouettes of the industrial cities of the North.

Over time, you will feel, that Spain – this is not one country, and more. Even Spaniards themselves sometimes say about their country in the plural – The Spains, referring to the diversity of its culture, history and traditions.

This is partly explained by the fact of a rather peculiar regional policy, began in the late 1970s in the formation 17 autonomous regions with their own governments, Ministries, budgets and even the police force.

You can assure yourself, that spend holiday in Spain, but your Spanish friends hasten to reassure you and draw your attention to the fact, that you are in Catalonia, and then to let you into all the details of differences in language and culture, not to mention the intricacies of social relationships and nuances of policy. Time, when the people felt united nation under the iron hand control from Madrid, It seems to be, gone forever - as well, as well as the time of the formation of a unified Spanish state, based on the alliance of several independent feudal kingdoms.

Does this have something to do with guests and tourists? By and large,, no – since, that only a few tourists are tempted to get into all the vicissitudes of the political process of modern Spain. It is much more interesting to try all kinds of paella and sangria, see the brilliant matadors, experience the charm of sleepy siesta - how many more surprises prepared for this tremendous diversity in their country?

Even in the touristy Costa del Sol, you can always find a small bar, which prefer to eat local residents, discussing news in the past day, worry about the outcome of a football game or television playing chess; and in the nearby village still followed the tradition of ancient battle with the bulls, having nothing to do with travel ideas.

The big northern cities, from Bilbao to Barcelona, positioning themselves today as a cultural center: art projects, entertainment events and classical concerts are held in them on a daily basis and can last for hours.

Culinary thank Spain today recognized all over the world - Spain boasts the most unusual restaurants, and the most creative chefs in the world.

And gradually it becomes clear, that the situation has changed radically - Spain, despite the difficult times, already it is not the same, which it was a generation ago, she looks at the world with different eyes.

We offer to do the same to you: Get ready to be surprised and discover not only the traditional, but uncharted modern Spain.