Как получить красивый загар

Going on a sea coast, have questions about how to meditate on the, how much you should be spending time on the beach, How to avoid sunstroke, How not to scorch and get nice tan. First, What is important to remember: not worth it to go to the sea without lotions and creams, protect the skin from UV light. Should be purchased in advance, as in some Asian countries the goods of this type do not contain a label or instructions in plain language. And the means for protection from the Sun must be chosen individually, taking into account skin type and time, that would be allocated to the Sun.

Wherever you are rested, at lunchtime (with 11 am to 16 o'clock p.m.) It is better to remain in the shadows. At this time, Tan is minimal, and the possibility of receiving skin burns great.

Dermatologists do not recommend in the first days of vacation to stay in the Sun longer, than on 30 minutes. Use creams with UV protection at the beginning of the rest necessarily!

Creams and lotions are Sun filters, force which accepted measure in units of 2 up to 50 units. These figures have been accompanied by marked SPF (Sun Protection Factor), that translates as "Sun protection factor". Cream labeled from 15 up to 20 units need after receiving the first sunburn. Weak Rehydrating SPF in 5-10 units suitable for evening tanning sessions, When the Sun is not so much firing. Children and people with sensitive skin cream is recommended for use with maximum protection. The same means it is worth to use in the early days of vacation, If you do not intend to go to the beach at lunchtime.
Cream with UV filters apply for 30 minutes before going to the sea, and not on the coast. It should soak into the skin. Some visitors wonder, When after applying sunscreen at the beach via 10 minutes they burn. They believe, that bought the wrong or unsuitable cream, or that for them it does not work. Even these types of funds, which belong to the class waterproof, require time to, to gain a foothold on the surface of the body. And for best effect worth repeating them drawing after each swim. So will more reliably. No cream is not able to stay long on the skin, If it is exposed to the sea salts or chlorine compounds, contained in the water basin.

If you need a bright Tan, use the special tools, accelerating its appearance. They may be slightly protected from ultraviolet light, some of these creams contain SPF filters 2. Model, whose profession involves skill in a short period of time to acquire the necessary tanning before photoshoot, do not apply such funds, without improving the recipe yourself. Try these discoveries: Add to cream, uskorâûŝemu Tan, a teaspoon of olive oil and lemon juice. And your skin will look fabulous! And Tan will turn out smooth and beautiful.

Some nuances, that is worth considering before going to the beach.

  • Coming in a hotel room, rinse with sea salt and sand warm water, apply a skin moisturizer. It is better to use the same brand, that and lotion to protect against ultraviolet light. So you moisten the, uspokoite skin, Let it cool.
  • If your skin is dry by nature, worth every day use special moisturizing oil. It will prevent peeling and will keep Tan long.
  • Two methods are defined to extend the life of a perfect Tan. Firstly, While on vacation every day, moisturize your skin with special oils or cream. Secondly, skillfully use amplifiers tanning. They, among other things,, help make it more stable and secure for a long time.