New York city

New York was founded in 1624 year Dutch settlers and even for some time was called New Amsterdam, in honor of their capitals in Europe. Today it is the largest American city and one of the leading largest worldwide.

Is new York in the state of, which bears the same title, on the South-East. Located this wonderful city on the Atlantic coast, at the mouth of the Hudson river. The city itself is divided into five administrative districts or boroughs. Probably many have heard about Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan. This list complements and Staten island. New York is famous for its skyscrapers. Alas it was there almost 15 years ago there was the largest terrorist act of modern times USA and around the world, claimed the lives of more than two thousand people, when they were completely destroyed the two towers-twins of the world famous International Trade Centre.

New York

A historical review of new York

As most of the territory of today's North American States in the past century, the area, where the modern city was inhabited by the Indians. Although these places were known to Europeans in 16 century, the first European colony was founded only a century later. Forty years, after an armed conflict, it passed into the hands of the British and received its present name. New York city became the first capital of the young United States, it was there that he was elected their first President. Although soon state center moved to another city in the USA, Philadelphia, which became the new capital. After 1792 year the city was founded stock exchange, he began his rise as the financial capital of the US and world.It is to this day.

An overview of attractions

Central Park.

Among them, in addition to legendary skyscrapers, the main place you can safely take Central Park. As you can tell from the title, the Park is really in the center of the city, amidst the endless concrete jungle of skyscrapers and residential areas of Manhattan. This place is one of the largest, famous and visited parks in the entire world, in addition, it is well landscaped.


St. Patrick's Cathedral.

It is the most popular Catholic Cathedral in the United States. It is very similar to the Cologne Cathedral and created in his sample and built around 50 years from the mid 19 century. New York is considered the city of contrasts, where you can meet all the diversity of the cultures of different peoples of the world. So there's nothing special about, among modern skyscrapers, shopping and entertainment centers is such a peculiar structure.

Собор святого Патрика в Нью-Йорке

Museum “The Metropolitan”.

One of the biggest cultural facilities this kind in the world, besides, one of the most visited. There is with 19 century. Is considered to be primarily an art Museum, center for the arts. In its exhibitions you can see more 170 various art works of Europe. In addition, it is possible to see many cultural, historical and art treasures collected from around the world. For example, Egypt, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Asia, The Ancient East.

Метрополитен музей

The Empire State Building.

Look at this unique city it is impossible to ignore at least one of its skyscrapers. This building became a sort of calling card for the city, but throughout the country. Its height is more than 100 floors and is over 440 meters. And although it was erected during the great depression, almost 100 years ago, today, he is considered one of the highest in the U.S. and the world.

Empire State Building

Times square.

Also very popular and famous place. Located on legendary Broadway, and is named in honor of the newspaper “New York Times”, was here last.

New York Times SquareIn addition to these attractions, also known Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Brooklyn bridge, The Bronx Zoo, the Museum of modern art and much more.


For those who want to visit this city

New York is really very popular for travellers around the world. In addition to a huge number of places to visit and excursions in the city you can find a great variety of hotels and Inns. In the city prices for accommodation above, than in the suburbs. Since the city is a vast metropolis, is a detailed examination of his map, especially the routes, you are going to move, in order not to get lost in it.

New York today is a relatively quiet city in relation to crime, than in the past. But still need to be vigilant, because a large crowd of people and tourist center – tidbits for all sorts of thieves and swindlers.