Кафе Дубаи

Any time of the year in a warm country – it's unusual, nice and very interesting. But if there be any holiday in Dubai, vacationers will open a completely different world. For example, this elegant design of streets, stores, the abundance of contemporary fairs and festivals in any other country. In addition, on holidays in Dubai is the world's best fireworks, which is simply impossible to forget.

Where you can celebrate the holiday in Dubai?

To conduct the celebrations in the hotel – not the best solution. Therefore, it is necessary to determine in advance the location, where we will see fireworks, and where you can relax, and really relax from everyday stress. In Dubai there is a quiet and modest bars, therefore, visitors can have a great time one of the fashionable restaurants and cafes. Well suited for this purpose, the school Amaseena (is the hotel). Outdoor area with Oriental design is the perfect complement to a festive night. No less popular and such places:

1. Cafe Bateel

Strong cafe with the original waterfall creates a fantastic atmosphere. True, from Bateel will not be so well seen fireworks, as with open areas.

2. Cabana

A small café with tables near the pool – the best way to feel the approach of the holiday.

3. Platos

In the restaurant guests can enjoy delicious meals and hot drinks. But the most important – huge glass Windows, through which offers a great view of the city.

4. Tiramisu Cafe

A small cafe with a homely atmosphere will appeal to couples and families, spending holidays in Dubai. Nice design, a wide variety of dishes and desserts will please adults and, and younger visitors.

5. Al Samar Lounge

The most delightful restaurant, to host a tea party or lunch on the balcony. To spend a celebration, so, an unforgettable experience.

How to pick up a tour for your trip to Dubai?

Ticketing should be implemented as soon as possible, perfect for a couple of months. Many people are preparing for the trip in luxurious and very expensive city. Therefore this opportunity is not recommended.

Without exception, all hotels in the city equipped with high-quality. Cozy atmosphere, professional service will allow you to relax and spend holiday time on your own taste. But equally important will be accounting for the location of the hotel. The closer he is to a street cafe or restaurant, where guests wish to celebrate a triumph, the more convenient it will be to get to this institution. Therefore it is necessary to choose hotels, from which the desired item can be reached on foot: during this time the tourists can enjoy the colorful and vibrant city and get the most pleasant experience.