Озеро Луиз

In the arms of the majestic Rocky Mountains is a true treasure- Lake Louise, that is one of the most important natural reserves on the planet. It is located in the Canadian province of Alberto and enters the bounds of the oldest national park in the country, Banff Park, existing with 1885 year. In 1984 g. the Park became part of the wealth of UNESCO because of the majestic mountain peaks and landscapes, as well as glaciers, Lakes, waterfalls, the canyons, limestone caves and, found here, fossil.

Lake-Louise-Canada_01Water pool enchants all visitors a dazzling beauty of its blue-green water, reflecting steep hills and snowy mountains. Its average depth is 70 meters.

On the shores of Lake worth Lake Louise station, where you can stay in one of the hotels. This place attracts people from all over the world. Some come here, to have a rest from city vanity, the other is to replenish the stock of positive impressions.

Adrenaline lovers too will not be disappointed. Lake Louise, as well as the area around it, offers excellent conditions for winter and summer sports-hiking and boating on the Lake, water skis, canoeing, fishing and, course-skiing.

High hills around the Lake is a magnet for skiers. Here is one of the best and most beautiful ski resorts in North America, having three separate ski area with pistes with a total length of at 50 kilometers. With the fall of the surface temperature of the Lake Louise freezes and is ideal for skating.