Хостел в Европе

What is hostel??

Probably, every average inhabitant of the planet has heard at least once the word "hostel", but what do you mean it's unusual for us, the word is not known to everyone.
Hostel – this is a great option for overnight stay for tourists, which does not have sufficient means to pay for a room in the hotel or the hotel, a great option for people, dreaming of low-budget travel. At the moment there are approximately 4,5 thousands of hostels 60 countries worldwide and this figure is constantly increasing, for now hostels have acquired tremendous popularity among tourists, and five-star hotels with exorbitant prices put on the backburner. In English the word "hostel" – the hostel. And the hostel really has a lot to do with the hostel, but people are not afraid, and even attracts. Sometimes called hostels mini-hotels, although it is difficult to call a hostel hotel in the truest sense of the word. In most hostels there is no separate rooms for rent, usually living in one room of a few people, what can bring the residents some discomfort. Kitchen and shower are available for shared use. But if you consider the fact, in one night on average you will pay 10 USD, such inconvenience can be tolerated.

In the hostel each resident receives a bed with clean linen in one of the rooms. The number of beds in one common room can be different, usually 5 up to 10 beds. Hot and cold water must be available for the enjoyment of all residents definitely. You may be surprised, but sometimes in hostels is cleaner, than in the most expensive hotels in the world, so get rid of stereotypes, people say, in hostels cockroaches running around the heads. The wait staff carefully monitors the cleanliness and order, conducts special sanitary treatment of the sexes, toilets.

Every hostel has a schedule and rules. You should familiarize yourself with them, before check, to avoid an unpleasant situation. Often, the administration introduced a ban on Smoking, the use of alcoholic beverages and even visiting guests.
In Bavaria legally imposed age limits of clients of the hostel.

Advantages of the hostel

The first and, probably, the main advantage of the hostel can be considered low prices. Even the poor tourist can pay himself a berth for a few nights. The second advantage is the opportunity to meet and chat with other interesting people, travellers. There is an opportunity to make new friends, mingle with like-minded people.

The hostel is good and attractive for most tourists not only favorable prices, but the so-called informal atmosphere. Here everyone can feel comfortable, at home.

Hostels do not offer wide variety of services, but many provide their customers a nice bonus: free Breakfast, lunch, included in the price.

To the list of services include kitchen, where you can prepare your own meals, Laundry, free Internet and much more. And the staff will tell you, where you can spend time, will tell you about local attractions.

Disadvantages of hostels

The main drawback of hostels remains theft. Despite the fact, many hostels have their own security and try to secure customers, theft continues to spoil the reputation of such institutions. So be very careful and attentive, do not leave valuables and money in easily accessible places.

Staying in the hostel, forget about personal space. As in any hostel, you have to put up, so, what with you living in one room are the same people, as you. Maybe, you won't like the sounds of creaking doors, someone snoring, extraneous voices from the corridor. So, if you do not like prying eyes and respect your personal space, better think twice before, than to make a choice in favor of the hostel.