Деревушка Гштад (Gstaad)

Want to spend an incredible vacation on impressions in the most remote places in the old Europe town Gstaad? Then you should definitely get to know the village of Gstaad (Gstaad), located in the canton of Bern and is a Swiss hinterland, and at the same time present “twist” generous alpine land. Get here for the tourist with experience, familiar with European routes, the cellar. Liner “Aeroflot” bring to Geneva, as the direct flight, and “on perekladnыh” with a change in one of the capitals of Northern Europe. Well, to the Gstaad tourist takes a cozy train from Geneva airport with a change in the town of Montreux, known to music lovers for its jazz festivals. What is so well-known that “rustic” nook?

Village Of Gstaad (Gstaad)On the European continent, there are many places, where the rich and famous flock in search of high-end leisure, when they have given in the work schedule free time. The cozy village of Gstaad on the continent has long been associated with the world-class ski center. She became a small point of attraction, where “flock” the wealthiest people of the world. The long-awaited “Tourists”, including Hollywood stars, rich heirs of noble European families and ordinary fans “sweet life” with tight wallets, getting here for the first time, affected miniature Gstaad. This tiny and extremely picturesque village expressed their travel claims in the middle of the sixteenth century, when there appeared the first hotel. Well, today is always ready to warmly welcome guests to take in the luxurious rooms handsome “Gstaad Palace” - The largest of the current “village” Hotels, which recently celebrated its centenary and during that time has enjoyed an enviable popularity among “masters of life” from all over the world. Her peak as a winter recreation center came in the early sixties of the last century. Then even a cult luster “Time” I could not bypass their attention this “difficult village” in the hospitable land of the Swiss.

But those citizens, who come in search of itself complex and unique ski slopes, may be very disappointed, as such there is no. Gstaad at longer waits for those, who are already fairly “sated sports” in other Swiss ski resorts, and here come from all that rest in peace and luxury. And they absolutely do not miss the village, spending time in restaurants in anticipation of local specialties and leisurely shopping tours for the exclusive shops on the main street. When night falls, then it does not become an obstacle to the special, and who at that time of day loves “active” Lifestyle. To do this, there are unlimited possibilities.

Naturally, здесь могут провести незабываемое время не Гштад (Gstaad)только очень состоятельные люди. In Gstaad can be removed and a relatively low-cost housing from the 25 to € 120. But the price of lunch at “rustic” restaurant starts with a mark of 40 €. If the person is “very heavy” numeral, it is not worth much upset. In the season on the mountain stations at its disposal plenty of cozy restaurants, where delicious and plentiful, you can dine for € 18-25. And to get there from the valley can be easily and quickly with the help of the cable car.

A few tips for staying on the hospitable land of gshtadskoy. If a tourist is going to stay here for three days and more, then he should buy a special card. It costs € 30 plus € 10 for each additional day stay here. How good it is? It gives the right to free public transport. It also “included” some services - from the pool and to the exciting excursions with a professional guide. Human, having a card, He is entitled to all sorts of local discounts. Beginners ski slopes in Gstaad will have a lot of fun, but for more trained adventurers to better assess the ski slopes nearby resorts, such as St. Stephan or Saanen. Bon “village” recreation!