колесо обозрения – London Eye

For information on the British capital, we begin to learn more from school, since learning English. That is why many travelers, going to visit London, already know their approximate route in the city.

London, – the capital of Albion, City, which is home to a huge number of visitors and the British, City, which it is written so many books and so many pieces played, City, which has long been a city, Bringing people from around the world.

Big BenTrafalgar Square and the monument to Admiral Nelson, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey - all these places are familiar to most of the textbooks More, but to see everything with my own eyes is much more exciting.

Newly arrived in the British capital can advise guests to stand in line to visit the famous sights in the morning. This is, it turns out there really are very large. Another option - to buy tickets via the Internet. Now it is available, but not all of the objects.

For those, who does not want to stand multikilometer turns, there is another method. Journey to the famous double-decker buses, who travel route, runs past the city's main attractions. This option is very convenient transportation, as the historical part of the city is large enough, and everything around in the short term would be extremely difficult. In addition, you can safely indulge in the study of sailing scenery and not to think about, you can break away from the group. This point is highly relevant, because London is a fairly densely populated city. In addition, these trips are one of the most economical option.

One of the modern attractions of the city was the Ferris wheel - London Eye. Ferris wheel-London EyeAnd offers panoramic views of London. It is worth visiting this place, to see, that the capital does not live only legacy of the past.

You can move around the city by bus and subway. However, before boarding a subway train is thoroughly familiar with the scheme. It is considered one of the most difficult in the world.

The minimum program should include a hike in the cafe, English cuisine to taste. Many believe, that it does not all have to taste. For example, red meat can eat exactly every. However, chips with fish and chips worth a try.

The average cost of a dinner in London 8-10 pounds. Fun is not cheap, but the city itself - not an economical resort. Grab a bite at a lower cost can be in the famous fast food establishments - McDonalds, approximate cost - 4-7 pounds.

From the hotel you should choose those, which are located closer to the center. It may be possible 2-3*. They are there a lot of. Therefore, it can be find a hotel, satisfying every budget.

London - City, which has all the achievements of modern civilization and keeps the legacy of ancestors. Travel and rest in it convenient and comfortable. One only has to think in advance, what and how you want it to see and visit.

Map of London: