Danieli hotel

When reading a fascinating book person usually totally immersed in the plot, having a hard time parting with it after, as the narrative ended. Settling for a while in the place, where this piece was created, You can extend your feelings, deeper experience the world of the author, understand his mood at the time of writing the book. Worldwide is located many hotels, played a significant role in the life and work of various writers.

Hotel Elysee, New YorkOld fashioned hotel Elysee, located in Midtown Manhattan in New York, whole 15 years was a haven for the great playwright Tennessee Williams, the author of the play "a streetcar named desire. For this work the writer was awarded the Pulitzer Prize and was nominated for an Academy Award, adapted the play for film. Repeat this success, Williams wasn't able to until the end of life, Although he wrote many other pieces.

Hotel Fairmont Le Montreux Palace"Lolita", Nabokov has proved a runaway success, fundamentally changed his life. He moved from the United States to Switzerland, settling at Fairmont Le Montreux Palace. The writer and his wife lived in this marvelous place 16 years, enjoying views balcony with Alpine beauty. In the year of the centennial of the writer it was a monument in front of the hotel.

Balmoral HotelOne of the rooms at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh Scotland named J.k. Rowling, created a series of books about Harry Potter. The last of them it add in January 2007 year, as the author was left an inscription on a marble bust at.

Stanley Hotel, ColoradoMountain Hotel The Stanley Hotel brought the hosts special income, Yet it did not stop traveling across America with his wife, writer Stephen King. The hotel at the moment completely was empty, and here in the King's head plot arose his upcoming book "lights", later in her reasons in this hotel was filmed in mini-series.

Danieli hotelThe Danieli Hotel Hotel, located in the grandest of Dandolo Palace, was built in Venice in 1400 year and at all times was famous for its renowned and famous residents. Until the 18th century there were receptions ambassadors. In different periods of time happened at Emile Zola, Marcel Proust, Charles Dickens, George Sand. Nowadays, in this place the film "the tourist" featuring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie ravishing.

Hotel Angleterre, St PetersburgSamuil Yakovlevich Marshak's poem hotel "Angleterre", located in Saint-Petersburg, settled Mister Twister. But it has become notorious after the tragic death of it Russian "Bully" poet Sergey Yesenin in December 1925 year.


First Hotel Reisen, Stockholm, SwedenFrom Stockholm First Hotel Reisen, located near the Royal Palace, often went to the pier of the old town of poet and dramatist Joseph Brodsky. In Stockholm he liked to have a rest from the unbearable heat of New York City and work on their new works.

For Truman Capote, the author of the novel "breakfast at Tiffany's, four-star Hotel Monteleone nearly was the birthplace of, more precisely, Hence the extra left in hospital his mom. In Addition To The Hood, in different periods of time here there were inscribed rooms by Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner and Tennessee Williams, and writer Ûdoroj Welty was mentioned "Carousel bar when this establishment in one of the stories written by her.

L’Hotel ParisFor excessive cuteness playwright Oscar Wilde paid two years of freedom. In 1895 year he was sentenced to a term of hard labour, and after release, the writer took a different name and lived in the Paris Hotel L'Hotel three last years of his life.


Rocco Forte Brown’s HotelIn London Rocco Forte Brown's Hotel «born» Mowgli and other famous characters from "the jungle book", written by Red′ârdom Kiplingom. Often stayed in this hotel and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

In the room of one of the oldest hotels in Turkey, Pera Palase Hotel Jumeirah Agatha Christie was created the well-known work "murder on the Orient Express. In the Palace-Hotel, became famous thanks to this product, compiled a huge library of books of this author, translated into many languages. In addition to the Queen of detective, This beautiful hotel is mentioned in Hemingway's novels, Graham Greene, Ian Fleming.

Golden Eye 5-star hotel OracabessaVisiting 1943 year in Jamaica only four days, Ian Fleming swore to myself, that back and settle in these lands. During the war he was a Scout Navy, After realized his dream to write books on the Caribbean coast. Here was born James Bond, and all were created 14 novels about it. After Fleming's death, his villa has become a popular resort hotel called the Golden Eye.

The Algonquin Hotel Times SquareAt the beginning of the 20th century in New York at The Algonquim Hotel Times Square every day at lunch was going to creative circle, consisting of intellectuals of the city, It was here that the idea of the magazine "The New Yorker".

Hotel Ambos Mundos, CubaMany hotels in the world can boast, they stayed in different periods of time by Ernest Hemingway, but his favorite spot was the Cuba, where he lived 7 years. In Havana, Ambos Mundos hotel was launched his book "for whom the bell tolls".

At The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans United States author Arthur Hailey conceived the idea of the novel "hotel".

Graham Greene was in Hanoi, Vietnam, on assignment for French hotel "pari-match", having the time in between work, along with other journalists to enrich bar cashier at the Sofitel Legend Metropol. Also visited Somerset Maugham and comedian Charlie Chaplin.

Nobel Laureates in literature 1921 year staged in the Grand Hotel Stockholm banquets in honor of receiving awards. In our days it takes well-known politicians in his apartments, titled persons, famous musicians.