Авиакомпания Qatar Airways

Comfortable and safe flight-about anything else you can dream on the eve of holiday or travel for business purposes? Service at the highest level offers national airline Qatar Airways, founded in 1994 year in the State of Qatar. Its base airport is Doha International Airport, on the territory of Moscow branch is located in Domodedovo. Airline Qatar Airways is part of the Aviation Alliance OneWorld.

During its existence the company has strengthened its capacity to the maximum, covering more 140 directions, providing flights to different points of the globe. A high level of service enables Qatar Airways confidently hold leading positions in the list of the world's best airlines.

Classes of service for passengers

Air flights became an integral part of the life of modern people. The steady increase in the number of passengers and competing companies stimulate development and progress, are the main factors, to enable daily to improve the quality of services provided.

Qatar Airways company has its own network of routes. Flights are carried out by means of 158 aircraft from personal Park.

Passengers three class service: economy, business and the first. In economy class, set the nine-inch monitor, equipped entertainment system, There are satellite phones. Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, common menu dishes are free of charge.

For business-class passengers are equipped with separate waiting rooms. Aboard the distance between rows is equal to 1,5 m. Easy chairs are laid out for relaxation and comfort.

The first class is equipped with individual video and audio issues, LCD displays on 15 inches. Chairs have a massage function, enables you to relax during the flight. Elegant and luxurious trim allows you to receive aesthetic pleasure during travel.

Attention passengers of any class offers a wide range of, prepared by top chefs. The airline is one of the few, offering during a six-hour flight, two meals.

On board you can celebrate any important event. Passengers can choose champagne or wine for all tastes among a variety of alcoholic beverages. Various culinary and dietary predilections passengers staff tries to satisfy in full.

Special services and loyalty program

For maximum comfort, convenience and tranquility there are special passenger services, include skilled medical care. Handicapped wheelchairs is provided free of charge on board the aircraft. Travel of pregnant women is allowed to 35 weeks, subject to the special rules. For passengers, perpetrators of flights with children of any age, a special family service. Minors, travelling alone, escorted tour guides.

Company Qatar Airways Privilege Club loyalty program offers, involving various promotion for frequent travelers. The proposal has three levels of: Burgundy, Silver and Gold.

For convenience of clients the service prior to booking flights. Take advantage of convenient service after registration of the company. Applications group, corporate travel and family travel.