отель San Domenico Palace Hotel

Luxury hotel San Domenico Palace Hotel located in the Italian city of Taormina.

The history of the hotel goes deep in the time of the XV century -ranshe in one of the buildings at San Domenico Palace Hotel was a monastery, and at the end 19 century building was even built out of the Grand Hotel.

It offers guests a modern fitness center, pool and beauty salon. From the windows of the hotel offers spectacular views of the Gulf of Taormina and Mount Etna. Most of the rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV, as well as a balcony.

Gourmets will also have this hotel like – its restaurants are mentioned in various culinary guides. Traditional Italian and Sicilian cuisine, “Buffet” and wonderful local pastries – that's what awaits those, кто решит остановиться в отеле San Domenico Palace.

Hotel Address: San Domenico Palace Hotel, Piazza San Domenico, 5, 98039, Taormina, Italy (view on the map)

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