Travel with comfort is the dream of every tourist. This is especially true for those, who have to be configured on a long flight. Choosing the right seat will help you to more easily take their flight.

What are the locations chosen in plane?

  1. The last place in the cabin lie down and relax not work, because the chairs don't recline.
  2. Front seats are suitable topics, forever doesn't fit in a Chair. You can safely pull legs and relax. This place is ideal for tall people. These same places prefer those, travelling with children, So how can we ourselves put bassinet or stroller. Yes and the baby is a small free space will help you have fun. He will be able to play or run. Post meal stewardesses also starts with the first row, Therefore, those, who is here, a selection of drinks and dishes large.
  3. Seats have about emergency exits also have free space, but clutter up his bags or wheelchairs cannot be. Most often, the seat backs here or no recline, or can be only a few inches. At these places usually plant men. In the event of an accident, they will be able to open the emergency exit for evacuation of passengers.
  4. In the tail of the aircraft severely shakes, but these chairs are considered the most secure. If the plane fills a zone of turbulence, strong vibration would interfere with passengers.
  5. If you are read during the flight, the place near the porthole for you. But there is one minus. To go somewhere, you have to disturb a neighbor.

How do you get the seat on the plane?

1. On the website of the airline review the airplane model. What is the spacing between rows, where is the toilet, is there any tv-all this information will not be superfluous.
2. If you have decided on the spot, tell the cashier. Now many are registered online. This method allows you to choose your seat in advance. The airport registered through the website passengers just get tickets at selected locations.
3. Advance purchase of the ticket increases the chance of getting a seat.
4. Try to choose the smallest flight congestion. In the Friday and Sunday passengers a lot. If a lot of free time, in the middle of the week you can fly without problems.
5. Note the letter marking places. Russian in Latin and (B) are two large differences. They denote different places.
6. Not worth to lose sight of the detail, as the flight direction. If you are approached responsibly to seat selection, the Sun will not disturb you and dazzle the eye.

About buying the ticket seriously. Then a long flight did not seem boring.