Morocco Cuisine very colorful. In its creation took part Berbers, andaluzskie mavrы, Turks, Arabs, French Jews. From alloy culinary traditions of these peoples was born in kitchen, which the writer Edmond Maran El Maleh called "fragrant soul of the culture of Morocco".

The main ingredients of Moroccan dishes - a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, as well as meat, legumes and seafood.

Morocco foodsWhen cooking Moroccans traditionally use a lot of spices, more often – saffron, lemon zest, cinnamon, Red pepper, ginger, caraway and koriandr.

The main meal in Morocco accounts for dinner. On the table snacks, salads, first and second courses. Moroccan dinner is unthinkable without bread, it is often used instead of plates. Meals start with a large number of snacks. It can be Hummus - mashed chickpeas with olive oil and garlic, piyah - marinated beans, falafel - fried patties of mashed pea - and more.

For the first Moroccans prefer thick and flavorful soups. Particularly worth mentioning fish soup with cloves and herbs, chorba - chicken soup with spices and Hariri - soup Berber origin of lamb with turmeric.

Meat is most often prepared chicken, rarely - lamb and beef. In the houses of the rich dinner can be served gazelle, hare or a camel. The main feature of the Moroccan meat is, which is often used in their preparation fruit. Ubiquitous such dishes, like a lamb with quince or chicken with apricots. Often there is also a lunch menu tagine - acute beef stew, cooked in a special earthenware.
Served with rice served, dishes of vegetables and legumes. He deserves a separate discussion couscous, It composed of semolina and additional ingredients, such as meat fish, raisins, nuts or vegetables. Couscous is steamed for several hours, so it appears on the table only during holidays. There are many variations of this dish.

A place of honor on the table Moroccans take fish and seafood. Try, for example, octopus salad, skewers of marinated fish and tomatoes, Stuffed mackerel.

Rounding out the meal with a glass of green mint tea with various sweets. On the table there are fresh seasonal fruit, halva, Pancakes with honey, croissants with almond paste, rolls with figs and many other goodies. Love Moroccans and coffee. Drink it hot, strong and sure with cardamom.