In Europe there are many places, attracting tourists from all over the world. Certainly, one of the most popular places is Barcelona. Holidays in Barcelona allows you to discover a lot of interesting things: the rich architecture and history of these places, scenic landscapes, cafes and restaurants, beaches, clear sea and more.

Map Of Barcelona

Way in Barcelona.

To start, you need to decide, How to get to Barcelona. And do it in several ways. There is a direct flight from Moscow, also fly to Barcelona from St Petersburg. To get into town from the airport you can also in several ways – bus, Airbus and train. So all comers at any time of the day there is no problem to reach from the airport to Barcelona, and in the opposite direction.

It is possible not only to diversify your route depending on the choice of transport mode, but save significantly. For visitors there is profitable for ten trips ticket, which can be purchased either at airport, or at the railway station.

Then, that is a must see.

Olympic village, Barcelona
Olympic village, g. Barcelona

You can explore the city on a specialized tour bus for tourists, tickets for which can be purchased as one day, and two. A guided tour can be conducted on several routes, each of which lasts about an hour.

During a walk around Barcelona you can meet a lot of masterpieces of architecture, that differ in their colours and variety-narrow streets are located next door with huge squares and avenues, cozy boutiques and enormous shopping malls. One word, everyone can see what, that liking him. Sports enthusiasts can also find a lot of interesting-the Museum won numerous trophies Football Club Barcelona and the Olympic village.

Dance lovers will certainly want to see a great show-flamenco. And see this passionate Spanish dance of love is an opportunity in the so-called "Spanish village", in many cafes and virtually all hotels Barcelona on the coast.

Also be sure to visit the two main city square-Plaza Catalunya and Plaza de España.

Fgc-Pl.catalunya, g. Barcelona
Fgc-Pl.catalunya, g. Barcelona

Hiking lovers should definitely walk along the main avenues of the city-La Lambra and Stand de Grazia. Climbing to Pelada mountain you can perfectly spend time in the Park Güell. It is impossible not to mention one of the most important masterpieces of architecture- The Cathedral Of The Holy Family, which is built so far, starting with 1882 year. Each element is filled with meaning and not a casual story. In conclusion, the examination of this beautiful plot of guests usually go up to the observation deck.

Flora and fauna lovers will appreciate the local zoo, huge aquarium and magical musical fountain. Aquapark is located not far from the city.

Wishing to see Barcelona from a bird's-eye view, don't miss the opportunity to visit the highest point of the city- the castle on the mountain of Montjuïc. Get there maybe on funiculars, enclosing four and twenty people.

Views of Barcelona from Montjuïc Castle

The beauty of Barcelona, you can describe the infinitely. But it is better to see once, than to hear a hundred times! Welcome to Barcelona!

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