Морской порт Опатии
Sea port in Opatija.

Our stay was limited to three days in Croatia. True, sincerely sorry, with so little. But, Nevertheless,, We have a lot ... Start everything in order. In Croatia we fell under bus tour, moving though and took a long time, However, we are not tired, Since stayed overnight in hotels along the way. During the trip we pursued two goals: excursion-cognitive, and simply rest on the sea. Certainly, before the trip, we have carefully studied all materials Online, about this country, as well as tips for tourism Manager. In particular, It is very recommended to us to go on an excursion to Plitvice Lakes, Since nature there and the waterfalls of great beauty. The cost for this excursion was quite high, so we decided to try to go back on their own… Looking ahead, I hasten to inform – not the best option, get yourself – hard and very uncomfortable, better to go with an organized tour.

Among holidaymakers Russians had little, and indeed foreigners a little, mostly rested Croats. Before the trip to Croatia was reading news, so there was written, that aggressive-minded Croats beat two German tourists and a Negro, They shouted, that aliens don't belong here. Can be, It was somebody's provocation, We haven't seen anything like that, and our guide on such event knew nothing.

The main street of the city-resort
The main street of the city-resort.

Another mandatory point of our program was visiting Croatian supermarket. Now explain why… In the hotel we had paid for breakfast and dinner, and the next day was planned excursion with a visit to National Park "Plitvice Lakes in Croatia». Breakfast and dinner we can at, and at lunch you need something to eat, so we had to buy the products yourself at "tormozok". Food prices translated into our national currencies were highly, but tolerant. On 20 dollars we bought 1 a liter of wine, 4 bottles of beer, 1 loaf of bread, 300 grams of cheese, about 500 g pork. True, to commit such purchase took us about an hour, While versed with the prices and products. The Croats only know your Serbo-Croatian language, so to help sellers could not count…

View of the city from the sea
View of the city from the sea.

In Opatija we arrived about 1 p.m., While in our hotel and on the beach already gathered around three o'clock happened. While the store resembled and beach reached-that's you and 16:30. Sunbathed on the beach 1,5 hours, and, count, the day ended. Not enough, of course, but after dinner, we walked for a long time the city at night.

It should be emphasized, Croatian breakfast and dinner (Swedish tables) No inferior in volume and quantity of dishes in Turkish, Egyptian and Tunisian. We really enjoyed! But there is one small but!", at a luncheon in Croatia you don't see black tea. Croats have he considered medicine and sold only in pharmacies. With regard to green tea, rosehip tea, Raspberry, Mint and so on-no problem!

Walk along Opatija's nightlife we liked-totally safe, everything is illuminated, full of shops available, where you can sit back and unwind with wine.

Central beach town of Opatija
The Central City Beach.

Nahohotavšis′ and walk for fun, We are faced with a small, but very important problem-very much like the toilet, but go was absolutely no where! Clear, that go off at the toilet is not a problem, the problem was that, that the hotel was 0,5 km! But we wanted to go somewhere nearby, but in the nearby Cafe toilets was not, in shops and supermarkets too. We have already begun was resent: "Yes that is it, in fact, you might think, that Croats themselves to the toilet won't go!", but suddenly in some alleyway found a pizzeria-and there was a toilet! Oh my God, as little, It turns out, man need to be happy! The more we with toilets not risked and ran to the toilet in your hotel in which case!

Sea water to. Opatija
Sea water is so pure, that can be seen, as small floating rybëška.

Another time was in my memory… Very amused in the narration of the guide then, at first glance, such a completely innocuous Russian words, like chicken and matches, elections for the first time for the Croats are expressions, but ordinary sausages they somehow are called "hrenovicami".

Sea water in the Adriatic Sea – very clean and clear. Beaches in Opatija area – concrete-Pebble. I.e. they Pebble, but places Bank reinforced concrete blocks, which also hosted vacationers. In the crevices between stones found sea urchins – be careful and attentive! The beaches are cleaned every day.

People, come to Croatia! You will not regret!