Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations for travelers, limited in finances. Its cosmopolitan spirit, coupled with creative reputation, It attracts tourists en masse in the Dutch capital. Amsterdam is the fifth most popular city in Europe, and each year takes more than four million tourists, who come to enjoy its diverse and vibrant culture.
What to see, and do?

One of the main cultural attractions of Amsterdam is a maze of channels, flowing through the city. You can devote many hours waterways inspection, dividing the capital into parts. Travelers can walk along them, and parallel to the viewing windows of department stores, located in historic buildings 19 century. People, with more modern tastes, enchant and surprise visits to shops with trendy design.

Art and museums

Lovers of traditional art can visit the Van Gogh Museum, where you can get acquainted with the life and work of this famous artist. Also, there is the most extensive in the world's largest collection of his paintings.
For connoisseurs of contemporary creativity and innovation in the field of contemporary art, It will be an interesting visit to the first museum of Fluorescent Art and the Municipal Museum, which is famous for its pop art of Andy Warhol exhibits.
State Museum in Amsterdam and will please fans of the Dutch traditional arts and crafts, and the historical reality of the Second World War comes to life in the house of Anne Frank.

Dark side

Amsterdam is also famous for its coffee houses, who like many tourists. The uniqueness of this city, symbolizing the freethinking, It makes him famous. People from all over the world come, to observe the life in the red light district, concentrated in the area of ​​De Wallen.
A more traditional evening can be spent at the Albert Cuyp market, in the area of ​​Pape. Nearby you will find numerous cafes with DJs, playing hip-hop and funk, which are a huge hit with young people.

Transport and accommodation

Amsterdam has a well-developed network of cycle routes. Many take them for hire for trips around the winding streets of the cities of the plain. Also, tourists have the opportunity to stay in many independent hostels in Amsterdam, which have a distinctive atmosphere and are relatively inexpensive. It should be noted, that charge three percent of them since, who pay by credit card, but, usually, they can boast the presence of facilities, such as Internet and TV.