The capital of the Netherlands. Each traveler is causing particular association. One thinks of the Red Light District. Tourists-gourmets sure to tell about the beer, potatoes and gourmet cheeses. Tulips - here's another card of this unusual city. So what actually is Amsterdam? Naberezhnye, over 600 bridges, several dozen channels make it a very colorful atmosphere, saturated, unusual.

Architectural contrasts Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands will enchant any tourist for its baroque palaces, the splendor of the facades of old Dutch houses, pretentious "falling" facilities. By the way, these buildings are a kind of corona "dish" of the country. Amsterdam's elegant temples, majestic and extraordinary. Interestingly, each individual. they are not all alike. Particularly noteworthy are the local museums. Rijksmuseum and attraction, dedicated to Van Gogh, – here is, that should definitely visit. Fans of unusual attractions will certainly be interested in a museum of erotica, sumochek, Marijuana and old cameras.

Despite the fact, that the city is two-fold sensation, Among its streets is very cozy. channel coast, it would seem that, close contact with each other. However, that does not stop the clock for a walk along the quays. it seems, that all life is a huge cosmopolitan metropolis centered around the harbor cranes and drawbridges.

colorful features

Special attention is given not only to the Queen's Palace, which is respectable and gracefully located on the main square of Amsterdam. Tourists are sure to be interested in coffeeshops. What it is? Combined with cafes shops? Not! This institution, where in the capital of one of the most unusual of the European countries can not yet quite officially smoke marijuana. Interestingly, the seller does not only offer is not the usual product, but also carefully explain, how to safely and properly use it.

And I want to spice up something special? Then you should not avoid visiting such attractions, as the Red Light District. It is not necessary to go there in search of love joys. It would be very interesting to watch here for colorful, multilingual and celebrate the life of the Dutch.