Два туриста и карта

By following the basic rules, you will not only enjoy the success of its long-awaited vacation, but will save a decent sum of money.

1. The right timing.

In the midst of the holiday season becomes more expensive. Already towards the end of season discounts reach 15-40%. Fans of excursions should choose the beginning of the season. At the end of the bathing season, when the water warms up, You can combine a trip to the incursions of the sea. The cheapest tickets are available in the winter - from December and New Year holidays.

2. Select tour in advance or buy a "burning" permit?

It is best to plan a vacation at the latest, than six months. In this case, the tickets will get cheaper, and many travel agencies are doing a decent discount vouchers for early booking. If advance ticket purchase failed, try your luck with the "burning" rounds. All unsold tickets for 1-4 days before departure are selling at huge discounts 30-50% of their original value. But beware, because there is a risk to stay with the nose.

3. Plan your spending

Before you buy a budget tour cheap tickets, Make a complete plan of rest, calculate your costs. Include a list of all costs: cost of the tour or tickets, accommodation, excursions, food costs, transport, souvenirs, etc.. Sometimes it happens, what, buying cheap tickets, tourist unpleasantly surprised expensive hotels in the country. Or, for example, Prices for tours are exorbitant. Calculate your budget in advance, you will be prepared for unexpected expenses, or even decide to change plans.

The next group of councils is particularly useful to those, who buy ready-made tours.

4. Choose a trusted tour operator
In 2014 , many travel agencies faced a wave of bankruptcies, and it could happen again. Be sure, that your tour operator working for a long time and reliable. Learn the necessary information about tour operators may be at special sites.

5. Read reviews

In many specialized sites can be found reviews, dedicated to the various tour operators, Hotels, flights. This will help with the choice not to miscalculate.

6. We believe the insurance on his own recognizance

Often sellers vouchers offer registration of insurance on his own recognizance. They promise to return the money to the customer, if he can not go. Such insurance is not cheap - about 4-6 % the price of the tour. Also, not so simple, as we are assured the tour operators. Money return only if, if the client is ill, He came under investigation or has a close relative died. Other force majeure not covered by insurance. Our advice - before traveling to visa-free countries, Carefully read all the conditions of the insurance contract, and only then decide, whether you should shell out.

7. Documentation

If you buy a ticket directly from a tour operator, check, to a number of acts of its financial support. If it is before the end of, you begin your trip, abstain from buying. A travel agent should be accredited. This can be checked, call the tour operator.

8. Down with complexity!

If you plan a complex route for a country or continent, try to make traveling alone. It will cost 30-60% cheaper, than similar options in the travel agency. Complex routes are typically calculated as individual tours, and they are not cheap. In a special forum you can find many tips for each country, and ask for help from "experienced" travelers.