Rio de Janeiro - Beautiful city, located in South America on the Bay Guanaʙara. Rio is one of the most vibrant cities at the expense of, that runs along the coast unlimited bandwidth with many beautiful beaches. Rio is surrounded by tropical forests. So here come the crowds of tourists from all over the world. Especially a lot of tourists come here in March, to visit the famous carnival. This carnival you will not see anywhere else. On the main street of the city come out students samba schools with the most incendiary dance. The whole town is fun and dancing to the music Spine five days! However, if you decide Рио ночьюvisit this carnival, to remember, at that time the price of air tickets, hotel accommodation and other services rise sharply up.

In Rio de Janeiro there is great humidity, and in winter and spring is very hot, and in the summer and autumn gets a little colder and often go showers.

The main type of urban transport buses are here, which stop only at the request of passengers. It is not necessary to travel on buses during rush hour. At this time, most of the buses are overcrowded and there is a high risk short of the money or lose jewelry. The rush hour is better to use a taxi, especially since the arrival of the machine to wait for a long time do not have to. If you decide to go on their own historical tour, it is best to take the subway.

What places are most attracted tourists?

1. Downtown. This place holds a lot of legends and stories from the past, because here I was born the colonial Rio. Here are all the historical buildings, Cathedrals, museums and monuments of the colonial period.

2. Show samba "platform". During the two-hour show superexotic samba you will not only enjoy the rhythms of Afro-Brazilian music, but also to admire the parade of dazzling costumes performing artists. The show is different and special pathos is not small money.

3. Quinta da Boa Vista. Stroll around this huge park, visit the National Museum and the zoo is large enough.

4. Niteroi. Embark on a tour on one of the ferries in Niteroi. On this trip you will enjoy the beauty of the Gulf, You see a small airport Santos Dumont and the building of sea Customs, which is very reminiscent of an old castle. You can walk in Niteroi, enjoying unusual landscapes, look into a museum of contemporary art in the form of a flying saucer and back to Rio for the next ferry.

5. Petropolis. It is located on a hill Summer Palace, transformed into a charming glass house and museum. These families come every weekend, to take a break from the hot and humid Rio.

6. Buzios and Angra dos Reis. In Buzios, there are about 20 beaches to suit all tastes: from small and peaceful to the many kilometers of beaches with strong waves. In Angra dos Reis has created all conditions for surfing, Fishing, Diving, Golf Course, tennis and even horse sport.

7. Ilya Grande - Reserve with beautiful beaches and diverse fauna. On this island, 106 various beaches.

8. Jeep Safari. During this tour you will be taken in a botanical garden on the jeep, where you can leisurely stroll, look at exotic animals and breathe the clean sea air.

9. Statue Of Christ The Redeemer. This is a major celebrity Rio, located on Mount Corcovado, attracting hundreds of tourists every day here. It offers a wonderful view of the most amazingly beautiful city.