Шиш кебаб

Going on a trip, every tourist, Ideally, should have an idea, What is a country kitchen of his holiday.

During a trip to United Arab Emirates tourists can not only see the unique attractions, but also to try and enjoy excellent local cuisine. And to its typical dishes include known we Shawarma (shavermu) and Eastern kebab shish kebab.

But this kitchen the United Arab Emirates is an extremely diverse and multi-faceted. And it has its place firmly occupied not only the traditional Arab dishes, but also dishes from Iran, Lebanon, India, Chinese, Mexico, Italy and even Germany.

Also presented in the Emirates and the largest US fast food chain.

Popular snacks

Kitchen UAE is characterized by the use of a wide variety of spices. And here it is accepted to a large Arab meal dish up dates.

Snacks in the Emirates submitted a mandatory part of the meal. So here on the table, put a few small plates with bread. But at the same time the main task is not to saturate snacks, but on the contrary, whet the appetite. A typical Arabian snack seems humus. At the same time it is a puree of chickpeas with sesame seeds.

Another popular snack are falafel – Vegetarian vegetable balls, stuffed with beans or chickpeas, Worshippers - pasta, which is prepared from sesame flour with yogurt and garlic, and Tabbouleh, consisting of wheat bran, mint and chopped parsley.

No less tasty and the meat and vegetable salad fatuş, mashed eggplant “grandmother-ganush“, and “Enable cheats“. This name has the original cabbage rolls stuffed with rice, wrapped in grape leaves.

Popular main dishes

A typical and popular main dish is a meal in the Emirates şaverma (shawarma). At the same time we are talking about seasoned chicken or lamb, cut into strips and cooked on the grill, wrapped with vegetables in Arabic cake.

Equally delicate is submitted gxuzi, Grilled lamb, served with rice and nuts. Another culinary business card is the UAE shish kebab, which is a marinated beef or lamb, zazharennuyu of vertele, or more simply, barbecue.

Very popular and delicious seafood presented with specially seasoned rice, and umm-but - Hlebnыy pudding fistashkami, rosewater and almonds.

Popular desserts

The real joy of gourmet desserts presented, without which Emirates does not do any one meal. These include Haris, made from corn flour with rose syrup and nuts, and El asarayya - sweet cottage cheese and cream cake.

Popular Drinks

As the drinks are served in the Emirates, Firstly, tea, coffee, water and fruit juices. But alcohol is strictly forbidden, although in some hotels it is still possible to buy at high prices is not comparable.