Курорт Сома Бей

Amount Bay – it is a relatively young resort, but actively growing. There is and entertainment, and excursions, and restaurants, Stores, and the opportunity to enjoy water sports.

Egyptian town Amount Bay - Relatively young resort,Amount Bay who recently developing dynamically. It is located on a peninsula on the coast of Abu Soma beautiful bays. Soma Bay on one side surrounded by the cleanest sea, On the other hand the stunning reefs.

Everything, the need for tourist recreation, Soma Bay, of course, there is. It is a warm golden sand, where you can lie lazily. Clean and transparent sea, where you can swim and enjoy all of nakupat. Many different excursions to the sights of Egypt, where you can see and learn a lot, previously unknown.

In Soma Bay, you can fully enjoy the silence, because here except hotels, restaurants and shops, nothing else. This is an exceptionally resort town, residential areas here you will not see.
And if suddenly you want to wander through the bustling markets, acquainted with urban life in Egypt, enjoy the flavor, then go to Hurghada. Distance to her no more than fifty kilometers.

Egyptian resort of Soma Bay is famous for unspoiled nature in the areas of coral reefs. It is a haven for tourists, are engaged in diving. Here you can see the ruins of the sunken ships and see all the beauty of the underwater world.
Although it is a young resort, but here you can relax in comfort, I get a lot of pleasant experiences.