отель Luxor Las Vegas

Hotel complex Luxor Las Vegas in the State of Nevada stands out from the rest of the buildings-building as big black pyramid immediately catches your eye. However, attracts visitors not so much interesting design, How many comfortable accommodation, one of the largest casino in Vegas, opportunity to hold a ceremony at a local Chapel, or do some shopping at the numerous shops.

Egypt gets closer

Luxor Hotel Las Vegas built almost 25 years ago, in 1993 building in the form of a huge pyramid was the most notable on the Strip. Although now pass by one of the 50 the best hotel complexes of America cannot be. Here all survived in Egyptian style: the main building is designed in the shape of a pyramid, at the inlet of the Sphinx is installed, in the Hall are arranged multiple statues of Pharaohs, and yet inside there is the tomb of Tutankhamen with albeit inauthentic, but such attractive treasures. Before 1995 all customers get from reception to the elevator to improvise the Nile. Now the river still flows in the lobby. But it serves to decorate, and bears no practical function.
One cannot say about interesting illumination. At the top of the pyramid vertically up beats a powerful light source. This blue light beam going from mirrors 39 xenon lamps, each of which has the power to 7000 Watts. Recently, due to the savings include only half of the lamps, but it provides a powerful beam of light, visible for many kilometers.

The rooms in the pyramid and two towers

Book a room in the Luxor Las Vegas you may as mostly black case-pyramid in 30 Floors, and in one of two 22-storey towers. In the pyramid is 2,5 thousands of hotel rooms, and in the towers, which were built later-still 2 thousands of hotel rooms.
Rooms of the hotel complex, whether category Deluxe, Luxury, Spa or Premier Suite, equipped with everything necessary for comfortable accommodation-comfortable beds, air conditioning, tv, fridge, phone, high-speed Internet, mini-bar, a bathroom with bath and shower. There is a room, which bathroom installed right in the bedroom-you can luxuriate in the warm water with bubbles and simultaneously observe the panorama of Las Vegas. By the way, If you want to particularly beautiful views, you want to request the book on the upper floors of the pyramid or tower. The main hull is another feature: elevators in the pyramid does not rise vertically upwards, and at an angle 39 degrees. So so, who stayed at the Tower, where the more modern design of the rooms, definitely need to go at least once in the inclined lift is a completely new experience.

Kitchen: from international to Japanese

Restaurateurs Luxor Hotel and Casino Las Vegas in every way try to please their guests, but because we offer a wide range of, satisfies the most demanding tastes. Depending on preference serves continental cuisine at Isis, Polynesian cuisine delicacies in Papyrus, freshly prepared sea creatures in the institution, specializes in seafood cuisine. There are Japanese restaurants, Asian and Mexican cuisine, as well as Luxor Steak House. You can grab a snack in the Café, or order any cocktails and quality coffee in the bar. By the way, over coffee at Starbucks», which stands generally expensive, You can be in the huge queues here drink brewed especially tasty.

Attractive casinos

Bored in the evenings at the Luxor Las Vegas does not have to. After all, in the building of a hotel complex opened one of the largest in Vegas Casino, total area more 9 thousand square meters. Here, visitors find themselves in the world of gambling: their services more than 1,500 slot machines, and 87 gaming tables, where you can play roulette, Poker and miscellaneous. A professional dealer help you bet and the reels to scroll-excitement throughout the games is provided with.

Spectacular shows and performances

The, who does not want to prosaživat′ money at the Casino, We can recommend numerous entertainment shows. Every evening at the Luxor Las Vegas conducted Theatre Pharaoh. A magician-hypnotist Criss Angel has developed a "circus of the Sun". Periodically the complex organises temporary exhibitions-Titanic, «Body», "Immortal sports».

The symbolic wedding

At Luxor Las Vegas has a special offer for newlyweds, family or simply couples. The, who wants to revive relations and bring them a touch of romance, You should look into a hotel complex Chapel. For a nominal fee here hold beautiful ceremonies. The altar can be in jeans and a stretched t-shirt. Although wedding veils, You can buy here, will not prevent. In confirmation of the certificate will be issued bračuûŝimsâ. Just don't get too excited-it is under no obligation. Because the ceremony is symbolic.

No day without sports

Ensure a slim figure can in the gym. Although more in demand were swimming pools the hotel has closed, outdoor pools and Jacuzzi. If you prefer, you can look in one of the four SPA-massage therapists and beauticians will help restore strength and health.

Souvenir shops and fashion boutiques

Be in Las Vegas and not buy anything on the memory-unforgivable. You do not have to spend time searching for souvenirs in the city. In the building of the hotel complex is located 29 retail stores, among them there are boutiques with clothing fashion designers, souvenir shops and even a mini market.