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• Air Hotel on stilts far out to sea, away from prying eyes and noise of the city. It literally floats above the ocean, and demand for such hotels is growing from year to year. Today we'll show you Three surface fabulous hotel, where you will feel like in paradise.

Many cultures believe, that the blue color has a healing and protective power. Check this effect can be, probably, Only then, when pozhivёsh surfaced in a hotel. There is no fuss, stress and everyday worries remained there, far, far beyond the horizon.

• Air Hotel Angsana Velavaru, Maldives

Favorite our rating, of course, is located in the Maldives - is an extravagant overwater Business Hotel Luxury Angsana Velavaru. The hotel itself is very comfortable and really beautiful. Quiet, free standing on stilts, as if floating above the water, in a secluded lagoon at a distance of about one kilometer from the shoreline. The rooms are decorated in a modern style, the interior of which is in perfect harmony with Pool. At the top, on the roof, comfortable terrace with hammocks strung above the water. This is a place for people, who loves solitude and style.

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• Air Hotel Hotel Royal Huahine (The Tiare Beach Resort Huahine), French Polynesia

In the world, which is becoming more and more restless, every second dream of the South Seas, white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons and hospitable people - the off-season on the island paradise of long acting, as if they are under a glass cover. It's about these places usually say: "As in Christ's bosom". This is especially true Hotel Royal Huahine. This overwater hotel It is located on the volcanic island Mangareva in the Pacific Ocean. Guests on the island is really cut off from the outside world, What can be said about other similar hotels. Raskinuvshisy of 20 th. square kilometers, huge island has 36 luxury villas, of which 17 above the water, and several more are under construction on the beach.

List of services negotiated privately. Here you can dine in their own bungalows or under the open sky on the beach. Wherein, It can be easy to forget, that you are not alone. So do not be alarmed, by any chance in the restaurant or the spa you will meet other people.

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• Air Hotel Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort, French Polynesia

Tikehau also called the "Island of Dawn". It is very "transparent" beaches, pure water, its breathtaking height, coconut palms. The width of the lagoon, on which the Tikehau Pearl Beach, is equal to 26 Kilometr. Here you will find, everything, which will present itself every vacationer Robinson. This resort is located in the north-western part of the archipelago Tuamotu, about 24 hours of flight from Europe and 340 km north of Tahiti. It is a picturesque place surrounded by about 78 Atolls, with remote mini-islands. Overwater villas Tikehau Pearl Beach, like beads on a chain in the sparkling waters, but, at least, in 35 meters apart. The smallest rooms, are twenty five bungalows, each of which is at least fifty two square meters. And four huge apartment, their area exceeds the "small" number four times. In the luxury services of a personal butler, of course, lacks.

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