How to choose a hotel in Antalya? This question is given each person, who is going to vacation in this area of ​​Turkey. Often, traveling alone, people choose them totally unsuitable hotel. And such mistakes happen like budget, and at wealthy tourists. So how do you choose a hotel, that will satisfy all the requirements and demands of guests? This will be written further.

Hotels in Antalya

Going on holiday, It must be determined: with whom you fly? Whether you are traveling alone, with friends (friends) or with family?

1. If you relax alone choose a hotel for single men and women. These hotels are common in Antalya. They have everything, what do you need, to have a rest in solitude. Rooms in such hotels, primarily, It consists of single rooms. Restaurant tables are small. And every night discos and theme parties, where visitors can find a couple of times on vacation or for life. Depending on the category, these hotels can arrange gym, playground, Bowling Club, rooms equipped for board games and many other amenities, that will make your stay enjoyable and memorable.

2. If you go on vacation with your family, you must choose a hotel, which has all the necessary amenities, not only for adults, but for children. These hotels usually have numbers on 2-6 man, have a children's playground, mini-club and baby-sitting service call. Animation in such hotels also focused on children and family games. In the mini club, you can leave your child for a few hours and go for a walk. The restaurant provides dairy menu. Also hotels for families equipped with children's amusement machines.

For family vacations are perfect following hotels: Maxx Royal Belek Golf & Spa, Pasha Apart-Hotel, Hotel Villa Monte, Kingdom Carya Golf & Spa Resort.

3. The, who prefer to go on holiday with friends or girlfriends. Non 4-6 man, usually, more comfortable, than two, and cost less, if you count how much money to pay one guest. Also for a small fee you can get a better room category (floors or with a Jacuzzi and a large balcony). If you are 6-8 man, You can book private tours by minibus, that will not stop near the other hotels.

What else to look for when choosing a hotel?

When choosing a hotel you need to pay attention to several factors.

At first, how varied diet and whether dietary or vegetarian cuisine, if you need it. Learn about possible sites of the hotel and its partners, as well as the forums and in social networks.

Secondly, you should pay attention to the beach: he or sandy gravel, Is it comfortable sunbeds, As an outstanding beach towels. Some hotels need to leave a deposit 15-25$ for towels. The deposit is returned after delivery of your towels when leaving the beach. Also at the hotel pictures you need to know, whether there is a bar next to the beach. Soft drinks from the bar help to easier to carry the heat on the beach. If you are going to rest with children, to look out, whether there is a children's water park with small slides, where your child can safely ride, and how comfortable shared pools. Also, an important role is played by the evening entertainment activities for guests. If you are traveling with your family, you would not want to hear the music under the windows up 2 am.

AND, finally, last, but that does not lose important factor - the staff at the hotel chosen by you should know a little Russian language. Only carefully reviewing the hotel website, Booking agencies, Travel forums, drawing attention to the above factors, You can pick up without the help of tour operators hotel, where your vacation will be bright and unforgettable.