Остров Кос

Greek Island Kos, the third-largest island of the archipelago Dodecanese, similar to the Garden of Eden in the midst of the azure Aegean Sea. Luxury parks, lush Mediterranean forests, golden sandy beaches of the glory of this island. Fans of excursions will find a lot of interesting historical monuments, and clubbers and discos can “light” night.

The coastline of the island striking diversity. Here you can find gold and black volcanic sand beaches, and the coast, studded with large or small pebbles. The popular resorts of Kos – Kefalos, Kamari, Kardamena – attracted wide sandy beaches. In the town there is a modern geothermal Fermes Resort.

Kos gave the world the famous ancient physician Asclepius, and the legendary Hippocrates founded a medical school here. Unbelievable, but the fact – Island still growing Cardin, under which Hippocrates lectured. In 4 km from the capital, scientists have found an ancient medical complex Asklepion, where students Asclepius treated people from different countries. This Archaeological Reserve also feature beautiful statues, including the great Praxiteles Aphrodite Anamediona, the remains of ancient temples and baths.

Entrance to the port of the capital guarded the fortress of the Knights of Rhodes. In Kos rich collection of ancient artifacts. One can endlessly admire the craftsmanship of the ancient sculptors, architects and mosaicists. It draws attention to the small ancient theater and the house of a rich Roman 26 rooms, 3 pools and mosaic floors. In Antimachia well preserved Venetian fortress, and small churches – the great heritage of Byzantium – scattered around the island. Modern hotels Kos – it is a real temple of beauty, harmony and comfort, that attract many appreciative “Pilgrims”.