о. Санторини, Греция
The Greek island of Santorini

Santorini - The most popular Greek Island, He is famous cosmopolitan bohemian hangouts. It is full of stars - from Madonna and Jean-Paul Gaultier and Eva Herzigova. Basically, they all come here for Easter or August. Therefore, if you do not chase celebrities, and you want to feel the romance and enjoy the beauty of, Go to the Greek islands in June or September.

Cyclades - a group of thirty-nine islands in the Aegean Sea, Twenty-four of which are uninhabited. All of them are very similar architecture - white houses with blue roofs and windows, but very different in style recreation. So it makes sense to rest on several islands - the more so between them has excellent air links.

Day 1. The road to the sea

Direct Flights from Russia to the Cycladic no, will have to travel via Athens. Local Olimpic Airlines and Aegean fly from the capital of Greece, on the island five to six times a day (the average price of € 70-100 round trip). Ferries - huge ships of a thousand places - much cheaper than the plane (a one way ticket around € 9-15). They are nice to travel: in the summer the sea is calm and shakes.

Santorini is among the five most famous and most visited islands in the world.

It is located in front of an extinct volcano and is known for spectacular views. In excess of them in town Thira, the island's capital - as well as boutiques with clothes and jewelery, restaurants and guesthouses. But life is not worth it - noisy and crowded, Besides, unreasonably expensive. It is much better to come here in the evening, Wander through the narrow streets, eating in restaurants (dinner for two - € 50) overlooking the volcano caldera, sipping ouzo bars, seizing her delicious desserts in small cafes. Fish, surprisingly, expensive: relaxed Greeks themselves do not catch it, and imports, therefore more expensive than traditional fish restaurants, meat. But the meat is very tasty.

It is necessary to live a few kilometers - in the villages Firostefani or Imerovigli. This is the highest point of the island, and hence close to Thira, and to the beaches. Softly, no night life, Only local residents and small private hotels. Many do not even have air conditioning - rock, where they are felled, and so does not miss the heat, a very pleasant evening blowing a fresh breeze. Here are a few decent hotels: Go Houses, Firostefani, tel.: (+30 22860) 22811; Manos Apartments, Firostefani, tel.: (+30 22860) 23202; Spiliotica Villas, Imerovigli, tel.: (+30 22860) 22637. Double room - € 120-200 per day depending on the season. Important when booking - make sure in advance, that the villa / hotel / apartments are located on Caldera. Breakfast in the morning on the balcony and admire the panoramic view of the Gulf, huge cruise ships in the old port, from high 300 meters seeming toy, - Enjoy a truly volcanic.

Hotel Agali Houses
Stunning views of the Caldera from the room Hotel Agali Houses

Day 2. Aegean, Slavs

Aegean bit cool, but the cleanest in Europe. Black crystal sand looks unusual and beautiful, but to walk barefoot on it can not be. Location on the beach is worth € 6-8, They provide for a sunbed and umbrella. Many youth, all having fun, drink and dance with five in the evening and before sunset.

Even in the high season you can come to Santorini, did not advance booking - if, of course, we are not talking about expensive hotels overlooking the volcano. Local travel agencies offer tours of the surrounding islands, Hotels, Excursions ferry tickets. About the latter should worry a few days, especially if you plan to leave on Sunday, When the Greeks themselves are returning home after a weekend. The travel agencies can also rent a fully equipped yacht with or without crew.

Day 3. Volcano passions

The main entertainment on Santorini - go to the ancient Greek boat to the volcano and swim there in the heat source. Water seemed rusty, swimming trunks (swimsuit) then barely wash out. To go to the volcano is the best of the old port - it is only used for tourist purposes. To get there, We need to go down by cable car from Thira , back up and riding on a donkey - the symbol of the island. And, and the other is the same - for € 3. Ferries and boats depart from the new port, It is necessary to take a taxi.

Be sure to take a trip to the far end of the island - the town Oia, where every day you can admire the sunsets, that guides called the most beautiful in the world. Here is the most famous hotel-spa in Santorini - Kati Dry (Oia, tel.: (+30 22860) 71401, double room - € 225-285). Be sure to come on the island of Santorini – this is one of the most beautiful places on the planet Earth.