Бермудские острова

Rest on the Islands now is becoming more popular among tourists. How to choose the islands among the variety of the, the memory of which will inspire you for long winter evenings?

We present our top island paradise, paradises of our diverse planet, Ever, that dream of dreams and visualize in my dreams.

Five beautiful paradise for unforgettable holidays:

1. Maui. The island State of Aloha and is the largest island in the United States. It is ideal for lovers of active holidays. Here is a great attention is paid to surf, and you can easily find the surf school or take a short course of study. The island is characterized by a mild tropical climate, beaches are always clean and well maintained.

2. Bermuda. Heard about them all, and, Perhaps, It is their mystery they attract tourists. And yet there seems turquoise water, pleasant walks on the pink sandy beach beaches. You can diversify your leisure, visiting the Harbour. Because of its subtropical climate and attractions, which the mother nature, the island will always enjoy popularity among avid backpackers.

3. Polynesian Islands. In the middle of the list of Polynesian Islands are located, the heart which are Bora Bora. In most of the inhabitants of Bora Bora are employed in the tourism sector, Therefore, for each level of the island don't have to worry about service. You can spend a holiday in both standard hotel, soak up the sunshine and swimming in the purest water, and rent a foxhole at Reef island.

4. Maldives. Is an island paradise in the Indian Ocean. Is perfect not only for a beach holiday, but for diving, as the business card of the island – bewitching beauty of the bottom of the ocean and coral reefs. Almost a third of the Maldives ' GDP accounted for by tourism.

5. Nevis. Island its name inherited from the sleeping volcano in the Caribbean Sea, formed in its place. Take a trip to Nevis, you will not be able to remain indifferent to the nature of this place: for tropical forests, to an unusual relief. If you are a lover of adventure, feel free to go in the footsteps of Jack Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow.

What Island choose to rest, up to you. To get the maximum of positive emotions, Please contact your travel agency and find out, What programs are offered at each of the five islands of paradise.