Travel in Israel - It is an opportunity to touch the pages of the history of civilization, sacred to the representatives of the three world religions - Christianity,, Judaism and Islam.

This country is abundant evidence of material culture have survived five millennia, who must see, at least once. Having been in this wonderful country, many return. Opportunities for tour, recreation and beach holiday in Israel are, that in one round can cover only a small part.

Trips & Tours

Article Traveling in IsraelExcursions in Israel necessarily include a visit to Jerusalem - the spiritual capital of the Promised Earth. This place, where the dream to get millions of pilgrims, to worship the holy places. Tour of Jerusalem must include a visit to the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher, Wailing wall, Mount of Olives. This ancient city lives its life. streets Kaleidoscope, area, temples, the whole atmosphere of the place you will remember forever.


Tel Aviv - the capital of the State of Israel - a city, that never sleeps. Life here is in full swing, day and night. Merged with the ancient Jaffa, Tel Aviv is able to captivate travelers of all ages. Young people will find here a huge variety of entertainment with music to suit all tastes. And fans of a relaxing holiday spend leisure time in one of the fabulous fish restaurants of Jaffa. And late return will not spoil your holiday - Israel safe country. The police are working like clockwork.

Selection of the season

Tours to Israel Tours Israel + Jordan relevant in any season, but the best time for tours – This autumn and spring. Although winter, and hot summer vacation in Israel can be a comfortable and memorable. In winter, you can enjoy a beach holiday on the Red Sea in Eilat, and in August in Jerusalem Stay longer - there are no extreme heat.


One of the main natural attractions of Israel - is the Dead Sea. So-called internal salt lake, which lies between Israel and Jordan. The salt content in it so great, that is not in its waters with fish and even algae grow. But the composition of the water and mud of this unique body of water are, that cures many diseases.

about Jordan

Lying on the other side Jordan – It is also very interesting country, and it will allow you to explore the combined tour Israel + Jordan. During one tour you can see the pink-red Petra, considered one of the wonders of the world and the holy places of the Holy Land. Amman, lying like Rome on seven hills, Madaba, mentioned in the Bible, antique Jerash - all this you will also see the project Israel, Jordan combined tour.

Having planned a trip to Israel and Jordan to visit at the same time - choose a reliable tour operators. Extensive experience in this area is, It will provide you a quality vacation in Israel at the best price.

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