Egypt - One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. You will not find any other country, whose economy is almost entirely live at the expense of tourists.egypt-346

The most famous resorts in Egypt is, indubitably, Hurghada. This is the best place for a beach holiday with the whole family, which will give travelers the best accommodation and service at a reasonable price.

Sharm el-Sheikh fans often choose a more active holiday, amateurs and professionals of water sports and youth. It is here that guests can freely dive and admire the views of coral reefs and marine life.

If you can not decide, you prefer, feel free to go on Taba resort, which combines both the family and Recreation, and Diving center, which can efficiently and professionally trained anyone to swim underwater art.

But even if the family resorts you seem too noisy, then your choice - Resort Makadi Bay. This heavenly quiet place located in a secluded bay lonely, surrounded by desert. Hotels In Makadi Bay amazingly refined. Here nothing will disturb you and you will be able to completely relax from the busy life of a metropolis, cheerful neighbors and enjoy the unity with yourself and those around you endless desert.

Maybe, you find beach resorts too boring, or they will simply tired? Then go on excursions to the most mysterious constructions of mankind - the pyramids of Egypt and explore the millennial characters straight ahead, watching them live. Professional guides will show and tell you all about the history of Ancient Egypt, and in the case of questions gladly answer them. And after visiting the pyramids and you can go to the National Archaeological Museum in Giza, To view the most valuable specimens of art and history of ancient Egypt, acquainted with ancient parchments and look at these mummies, which more than 3 thousand years.

For tourists, who seek the exotic in Egypt also prepared its own "flavor". Have you ever rode a camel over the sand dunes surrounded by only the hot sun and blue cloudless sky? What about the descent on the sand on a surfboard with a height of 300 m? All this and more can provide exquisite Backpackers Travel Egypt.

Maybe, someone says, that the rest of Egypt is too simple and trite? Do not listen to them, and boldly go on a journey, opening ourselves more and more new horizons.