Bora Bora - is one of the most beautiful islands in the Pacific Ocean. Luxury hotels, white beaches, turquoise lagoon, coral reefs - all this makes the island an ideal place for a relaxing holiday.

Bora-Bora - A fairy-tale world clear turquoise lagoons, golden sandy beaches, exotic greenery and coral reefs. A stunningly beautiful island is considered the pearl of the Pacific Ocean.

Hotels on stiltsThe island is surrounded by multiple lagoons, and the huge reefs protect against the oncoming waves of its chic beaches. Picturesque coral reefs are the center of attraction for many species of underwater inhabitants of the ocean. It is common to see sharks, stingrays and barracudas.

The main attractionTop view of Bora Bora Bora Bora are hotels with bungalows, are built right over the crystal clear water of the lagoon. Most luxury hotels are located on Motu (small islands). The spacious two-bedroom bungalow with a terrace has everything you need for living: luxury bathroom, huge bed, Plasma TV. Through the transparent surface of the coffee table, Located in the corner of the bungalow, you can watch the beautiful tropical fish. This scene is especially impressive at night, when the backlight under the bungalow.

Bora Bora Hotels at seaSurrounded by tropical greenery tiny uninhabited islets, located around Bora Bora, are ideal for honeymoon. On the beautiful beaches you can go scuba diving, sunbathe or simply lie in a hammock.

Deserves special attention SPA-центр на Бора-Бора. There are many fountains, artificial waterfalls and stunningly beautiful plants. The SPA-center tourists can offer healing agents, prepared on the basis of ancient recipes. Enormous popularity of the peeling procedure with pineapple, scrub with seaweed and sand, as well as relaxing massages and bath with coconut milk and flower petals.

Adventure lovers can go off-road safari. A lot of vivid impressions will give travelers visiting the extinct volcano Otemanu. This is the highest point of the island, allows tourists to see the stunningly beautiful scenery.

Map of Bora-Bora: