Ао Йон пляж, Пхукет

The world is difficult to find a more positive and welcoming country, than Thailand. It is no accident his unofficial title – “The Land of Smiles”. Holidays are extremely diverse – beautiful beaches, a huge number of attractions, rich excursion program and, of course, nightlife. Find for yourself something for everyone, Arriving in Thailand, is not difficult. Vacationing here all year round, tropical rains do not cause much discomfort. Still, the most comfortable is the period from December to March.

Thailand for beach lovers

Thailand can truly be called a paradise for beach lovers. Fine sand is waiting for guests at almost any resort, However, if your goal – spend time at sea, sunbathing and enjoying the sea waves, it is best to go to one of the many islands. The most popular among tourists are the resorts Phuket. Here there are beaches for all tastes – luxury hospitality, wild and, of course, resembling the picture of the advertising "Bounty".

AO Yon Beach, PhuketOne of the most beautiful is considered Ao Yon. You can reach it only by taxi or rental car, but efforts will not be wasted. I got here a civilization could not do anything about the wonderful nature, just made the landscape more beautiful. On the beach Ao Yon based yacht club, There is a small cafe. Visit the beach is completely free, for those, who wants to take advantage of sun loungers and umbrellas enough to order some drink at the local bar.

Famous Banana Beach, surrounded by coconut trees, Banana Beach, Phuketmuch more lively. But this – Still beautiful. Fine white sand, clear blue water, local cuisine – All this gives this place a special touch. In addition to everything – a well-developed industry beach activities. However, civilization has come to Banana Beach Business – for parasols and sun loungers have to pay.

Bang Tao Beach, PhuketEight kilometers Bang Tao – is a combination of luxury hotels and pristine corners, noisy and totally deserted places. Here you can find a beach vacation for every taste – from the vibrant to secluded.

Another popular Thai resort, Pattaya, It can not boast chic beaches like Phuket. All city – lively and not too clean. However, do not despair. From Pattaya can be easily reached by one of the nearby islands, for example, Ko Lang. It offers, as Phuket, waiting fine white sand, clear blue water and the opportunity to feel like a hero of the famous advertising.

Thailand tours for lovers

The first fans to know and to discover something new to go to the capital, Bangkok. This accumulation of interest here is difficult to find in any other city in the world. Buddhist temples side by side with modern skyscrapers, which offers a spectacular views, rich neighborhoods – with original huts. If for any city and you can tell, it contrasting – it is about Bangkok.
List all the places of interest of Thai capital – impossible.

Most often, tourists, wishing to get acquainted with the special culture and history of the country go to the Royal Palace. On the territory of the huge complex, based 300 years ago, the building is located, Parks, gardens, of course, Temples. Coming in here for an hour, Many delayed by a day, and, and then back again, without having to examine even the most important. And here the main building of the palace are taken, inside of which can be found with luxurious interiors, and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha – not the main religious building in Bangkok Only, but the whole of Thailand.

However, Thailand excursion – it is not only the capital. There are so many places, noteworthy, that the main issue, standing in front of curious tourists – what to choose. One of the most popular among tourists and often visited places – River Kwai. When in Bangkok, guests are introduced to the life of a megacity, that when traveling to Kwai be able to see the life of original heartland. The tour lasts, usually, Two or three days. The road to the final destination takes 10-12 hours, depending on the number of stops. However, this is not just a trip, about the whole adventure, during which you can visit the floating market, see waterfalls, to meet with local residents in a village. One can say with confidence – about time, spent on a trip to the River Kwai will not have to.

Thailand for entertainment lovers

One of the resorts in Thailand is considered to be the world capital of nightlife. Not hard to guess, it Pattaya. Every day at nightfall the city is not just alive. It turns into a completely different world – world of permissiveness and even a bit of debauchery.
Numerous bars, Discos, strip clubs, show programs – Pattaya find a pleasant pastime can any, night adventure seeker.