пальмы у отеля Rixos Sharm El Sheikh 5*

If you decide to go to Egypt, you useful information, Novice! Here you will find descriptions 5 popular hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, compiled on the basis of real reviews of tourists.

Despite the unstable situation in Egypt and numerous warnings of travel agencies, tourists continue to buy cheap tickets to Sharm El Sheikh and enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea.

Really, Egypt combines the tour price and quality of rest.

But how to choose a really good hotel all offer a variety of options? Beautiful pictures and captivating descriptions do not give a full picture tour.

Therefore, we will make your rating of hotels Egyptian resort Sharm El-Sheikh, Firstly, based on the reviews themselves tourists. After All, ultimately, each of us is looking for is not a pretty picture, (a) good service, clean beach and Tasty food.

Отель Club Magic Life Sharm El Sheikh Imperial 5*

Отель Club Magic Life Sharm el SheikhOf course, a couple of years ago, this hotel certainly could be considered the most luxurious in Sharm El-Sheikh. But recently the situation has changed somewhat for the worse, but the hotel is still one of the favorite guests of Egypt. Why?

Incredibly green groomed area, departure is engaged with a special focus.

Sufficiently large selection of different food, including fruits, the lack of which many guests complain about other hotels.

• And most importantly,, for which he is so fond hotel Club Magic Life - This, of course, excellent service.

Despite the significant advantages, Pay attention to the shortcomings of the hotel.

• Some tourists complain difficulties with children: inadequate security slides and swings for children, slippery floor around the pool.

• Also,, Going to Club Magic Life, should bear in mind, what Hotel have not been repaired, and the furniture is not shining novelty.

If you are not scared described drawbacks, and you are willing to go to one of the most popular hotels in Russian, it remains only to wish you a good rest!


Cost of living (day) from 9 390 rub.


Отель Baron Palms Resort 5*

Hotel Baron Palms Resort Sharm El SheikhAnother favorite tourist destination - a hotel Baron Palms Resort 5*.

His rating is coming to the highest point, and the new reviews only confirm the declared level 5*.

So, choosing this hotel, you get the following advantages.

Spacious rooms with sea view and excellent service.
• Really quality Thai massage, good sauna.
Net area and attention to detail (for example, Wipes, offering guests at the pool and on the beach!)

Now a few words about the cons of the hotel.

• In spite of the well-groomed area, Most of it is difficult to call.
• Prior to the pontoon is necessary to pass, it is located at a distance from the main beach.
• Animation and entertainment program of the hotel is not too varied and enchanting. If you are looking for a place youth, it's not entirely your option.
• It is also an important point, about which I want to mention, It is a total absence of water availability. Staff carries water bottles yourself (and in very large quantities).

Cost of living (day) from 6 900 rub.

Check rates and availability Hotel Baron Palms Resort Sharm El Sheikh>>

Отель Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh 5*

Hyatt Regency Sharm El SheikhAnother hotel guests with high marks - a Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh 5*.

Let's talk about its advantages.

Option relaxing holiday with excellent cuisine.
• Very good rooms with tea, cups, tea, iron and ironing board .
• Many tourists admire the beauty coral reef near the hotel, where bring divers from the coast!
• Rest Hotel, Contrary to stereotypes, very cultured and polite. В отеле Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh you do not have to fear the most "violent" our fellow citizens.

What kind of disadvantages at most travelers say?

• When ordering a meal in a restaurant, Pay attention to the cost of certain dishes. Often, the cost of the tour includes a certain amount of, exceeding it, will have to pay their own.
• There are numbers, where you hear the noise from the transformer, and the smell of gasoline. This number is better to replace.
• If you are a girl, then be prepared for the increased attention of staff to the person. Many mention the "excessive intrusiveness" of Egyptian employees of the hotel.

Average price per room: 9 460 rub. / day.

Show prices and check availability at the Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh>>

Отель Rixos Sharm El Sheikh 5*

rixos-sharm-el-sheikh-26According to information from open sources, 93% Travelers positive comments about the hotel Rixos Sharm El Sheikh 5*.

Try to describe the main points, that inspired tourists to re-visit the hotel.

• The hotel is well suitable for families with children: a children's playground and a kids club, where kids really like to spend time.
A huge green area hotel. A large number of restaurants, swimming pools, promenades.
A wide range of diverse food in restaurants. Many tourists are happy to remember tasty beer and unobtrusive service.
Attentive staff, regularly interested in the quality of your holiday.

Now mention the cons, which slip in even the most enthusiastic reviews.

• A large number of tourists from England, who are on holiday "to the fullest" – this situation is not all happy guests.
• The most significant drawback of the hotel is very seashore. In the evening comes the ebb, and tide – until the next day, about 16 hours. It is also often referred to in a review,, that the sea is closed to swimming until dinner.

Average price per room: 15 686 rub. / day.

Check availability and prices in Hotel Rixos Sharm El Sheikh>>

Отель Stella Di Mare Sharm Beach Hotel & Spa 5*

отель Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel & SpaMention also deserves a luxury hotel with an Italian name – Stella Di Mare Sharm Beach Hotel & Spa 5*.

In addition to decent food and impressive animation program, the hotel has a number of other nice features.

Unobtrusive service and various likable nuances (for example, able to get clean towels almost anywhere).
• The staff are ready to offer you a room with these previous features, if you, of course, to take care of it.

Among the disadvantages of the hotel Tourists often mention uncomfortable beds on the beach, which violate the general atmosphere of luxury hotel.

Also be prepared to, what The hotel is small enough. If you are looking for long walking paths for evening strolls, it's not entirely your option.

Average price per room: 10 500 rub. / day.

Check Rates & Availability Hotel Rixos Sharm El Sheikh>>


We reviewed 5 the most popular hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, that have the highest scores of tourists.

Each hotel has excellent service and gives a sense of comfort for each guest.

Whatever your choice, the quality of your holiday depends on my mood, with whom you are going on vacation!

Therefore, Have a good mood!