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Bora Bora Island from a bird's eye view

French Polynesia – one of the most beautiful places on our planet. It can rightly be considered a paradise on earth. Polynesian islands became a second home to such well-known masters of art and literature, as Robert Louis Stevenson and Paul Gauguin. French Polynesia comprises 118 Islands, formed of coral or volcanic origin. Different size, they are surrounded by expanses of the Pacific Ocean. This paradise was discovered by the British in the XVII century.

Now the islands of French Polynesia are included in the list of the most prestigious holiday destinations. It attracts tourists from vsegomira. The extraordinary popularity of the islands explained, primarily, the, that there is a very mild climate. On the islands of eternal summer reigns, but there is no sweltering heat.

By the way, French Polynesia on a fairly high level of health. Therefore, to enter the country do not need vaccinations. Tap water is of excellent quality – it can be drunk straight from the tap.

From the galaxy of the Polynesian islands are best known Bora-Bora and Tahiti.

The nature of this magnificent atoll, considered an elite resort and vacation destination for the world's richest people, striking in its beauty.

Widely known lagoon, Water is transparent and has a surprisingly subtle shades of pearl. There is a scenic lake and waterfalls, surrounded by lush palm groves, bananas and other tropical plants strange. The air filled with the smell of flowers and birdsong.


about. Tahiti

Despite, that Tahiti is the main island of the archipelago, it preserved tropical nature in all its pristine beauty.

The island has a museum, that are sure to want to visit the rest are tourists. It is a museum of Paul Gauguin, a museum of shells and Black Pearl Museum. Last enjoys great popularity. On the island there are many oyster farms, which grow artificial pearls. Pride of French Polynesia – a rare black pearl shades, produced only here thanks to the special microclimate of the region and its unique composition of sea water.

On the island of Tahiti is inseparably connected with the name of the artist Paul Gauguin – famous representative of Post-Impressionism. Once Gauguin, traveling to the islands of the archipelago, I arrived in Tahiti. Large nature of the island, its flavor intoxicated artist. He threw seven – his wife and five children, a spacious, beautiful home in a suburb of Paris. Leaving behind the familiar life and established way of life, Gauguin lived in the wilderness of the island, in a small village, buying a cottage there and married a young Aboriginal. His most vivid and impressive work Paul Gauguin was created in Tahiti.

We talked only about the two islands of this amazing archipelago, a trip which could be one of the most vivid impressions.