г. Агадир, Морокко

Usual we travel to this country are typically a week or so. And then go back travelers, the homeland, or acquire additional days, which can be held in Agadir. But what, if you want to stretch vacation in Morocco for a month, and no less than? What can be a look, and even in Morocco, how to spend this time? Let's dream a little ...

Peredvyhaemsya in Morocco

Primarily, we need to solve the transport problem. If the choice fell on car, it is the best option, because it provides complete freedom. But if you really want to go into the wilderness, in this case, better to choose a good jeep.

If you choose the public transport, this, as the bus or train, in principle, freedom is almost unlimited, but because we want comfort, is not it? AND, respectively, otvergnuv fees, bus stop. And see the need to offer well-established firms bus transportation.

Choose routes with the public transport

So, more confident we can be in the following variants:
If the train, let it be the route, which should be in the next station: Casablanca, Discount, Fez, then in Marrakech. Total this way will take about eight hours.
STM bus is possible to go through Ouarzazate - Agadir, then Agadir - Essaouira.

The best option in terms of convenience, the way will be the beginning of Fez. It means, that before the trip should be the first thing is to stock up on air tickets to Fes. However, There is another convenient option - in the morning to fly to Casablanca and immediately went to Fez. Thus, not have to waste time rather uncomfortable and long-term move from Fez to Marrakech. The Casablanca is better to choose the plane, to arrive at the airport Mohammed Fifth, and from there by train to come to the starting point of travel, All the same Fes.

If we choose the easiest way for the country ...

... In Fez could spend three days, then go to Rabat at the same time and then skip to Casablanca, which is very close to the discount. Then our way led to Marrakech, where you can stop for three days - four, after - in Essaouira, and there are already seven days to live peacefully. And after - Agadir. And in this city is great to relax all the time, that is until the end of travel.

... Or would have spent three days in Fez, then went to Rabat - and again for three days, not more, then drove to Casablanca and from there to Marrakech, where you can spend four days. Then - in Varzaat a couple of days in Agadir. Here you can stay for a certain number of days, how to enjoy, and only then go to Essaouira, and in the latter quietly spend the remaining time.

From the last city of the route has a very comfortable flight to Casablanca, where you can spend the night, and then go home. Either choose a flight, that is sent to Moscow from Agadir.

Well, options do not keep us waiting. An interesting route through the will of Tangier, where do we go from Fez. From Tangiers same - in Raate, then be selected from the first two embodiments. This route is good, which makes it possible to look at the life of the Mediterranean.

So we got, finally, to a long and very exciting journey by car. So, the next number of our tour programs will –

Morocco - by car

Options for such a journey can be as follows:

First we arrive by plane to Casablanca and go out to Rabat, mileage will be somewhere 90 km. After staying there for dnyatri, We go to Fez, to which 200 km. Again three days stay in the city, We enjoy its beauty and look in Meknes, do not forget to see the ancient ruins of the Roman Volubilis. And now our path lies in Erfurd. It is about 400 km. Along the way you can make a stop in Midelt and Errachidia. In a couple of days Erfurde pobudet, and then we'll see in the Sahara and spend the night in a Bedouin camp. Basically, You can spend the night in a nice hotel and an oasis. Be sure to admire the sunrise from the dunes (Transport - ATV or camel - as you wish). Then we'll go to Vazazat, that amount 300 km. Along the way, you can stay in the Todra Gorge and spend the night there, In Vazazate'll stay a couple of days and take a look, at the same time, in Rissani. Then 200 km to Marrakech, and three days - our. Then 175 km - and exciting week in Essaouira. During these seven days, you can visit and Safi, and El Jadida and all, like that. Generally, a ride along the coast. Then - Agadir, where you can take the car and plane, via Casablanca, go home. However, There is another good option - because Agalira go to Marrakech, and from there to Casablanca. The minimum it would take hours 6, 5 – 7.

A stay in Fez

And be sure to inspect it well, look at every interesting corner, walk the streets ... And the best start to the Old Medina, which is amazing, and then look on the New. The latter dates from the thirteenth century. Do not forget to wander around the Moorish palaces and look into the Museum of Moroccan Arts. And - in the Jewish Quarter.
Be sure to send in Meknes, which is located near Fes. It is convenient to do it by train, no more 50 km. Also it will be interesting to go into the mountains, where there is a reserve Azrou.

And then - in Rabat and Casablanca

View these cities will also be interesting. Last completely, you can safely look around all day, but if you're interested to visit the beach or go shopping, can be somewhat delayed.
As for Rabat, here enjoy deliver wonderful ancient sights. And the new areas are extremely good.

And in Marrakech

This should go for search impressions. Many sites require a stop, at least, for a few days. If you run about shopping - and then all three. In the evening you can go to El Fna Square and the show Chez Ali. A good pastime and will be an evening at a restaurant, Decorated by the Middle Ages, to eat and enjoy good music. If the trip is planned for the summer months, the need to find a hotel with a swimming pool.

Then - Ouarzazate

Of interesting - the film studio Atlas. And a very interesting fortress, which simply can not look.

And - Essaouira

This city has Portuguese roots, which greatly influenced its culture. Worth seeing castle, Purple Islands - look at them from afar, as the tourists were not allowed due to the location they avian zapovednikai Medina. The final interest not only beauty of the city, but also various shopping and gastronomic towns. Art lovers can go to art salons.
Surfers will find in this city a comfortable riad.


The city is situated in a very picturesque place, and you can admire the marvelous sand dunes and groves of palm trees. Fine!

AND, finally, Agadir

Things to do in this city? Well, primarily, heartily enjoy the beaches. Poserfit, play tennis and golf. Night owls will find refuge in nightclubs. From it, you can also go to different cities Berbers. Such, or as the Tafraoute Taroudant, or watch Tiznit. Wrap the beach Lehar, in order to admire the rock arches. Employment Many.

The main thing - that the rest was made up most successfully, and then a great vacation in Morocco is provided to you!