Амальфитано, Италия

Have you been to Italy? Or you are now in search of the perfect resort for the rapidly approaching holidays?

What has attracted more: warm sea, beautiful tan or unforgettable beauty of the city?

Among the variety of favorite cities "classic Italian" more and more tourists prefer to travel by Amalfi Coast. Why? Let's speak further.

The close proximity to the famous Amalfi Naples, and accessibility make Amalfi Coast extremely attractive for tourists. But not only that. The beauty of these places are not only sung numerous reviews, Writers and poets, but is the hallmark of all Italy.

Amalfi Coast - Is primarily Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Major, Minori, Salerno.

City Amalfi It is the largest settlement Coast. AND, without a doubt, deserves special mention. In the past – the famous port of Salerno Bay, today - a favorite place for tourists. Magnificent pebble beaches, cozy cafes and restaurants, panoramic views and numerous attractions. If you want to combine fun and Italian trips to historical sites, the Amalfi will be your ideal choice. The most popular attractions is the Norman Cathedral, Arab-Norman Cathedral of St. Andrew, the first city hotel, Arsenals Republic, stunning port and even a museum of paper!


The bay in SorrentoAnother world-famous city - it Sorrento. In Russia, the city is famous thanks to songs Alexei Glyzina: "Late Night in Sorrento weather does not spoil us ...". But, fairness, it is worth noting, the weather on the Amalfi Coast of tourists almost always pleases. The climate on the coast is considered the most favorable in Italy: more 280 days a year here is wonderful, sunny weather, and the air temperature does not fall below +20-22 With.

Sorrento - a surprisingly rich and sophisticated city. But most of all travelers hit the extraordinary landscapes and steep cliffs coastline. Not Surprising, Sorrento that attracted such famous writers like Stendhal, Goethe, Charles Dickens, Friedrich Nietzsche. Here you can go shopping on Via Corso, take a walk on the main square of Sorrento - Piazza Tasso, visit one of the great restaurants and see a great family Correale Palace and the Basilica of St. Antonino.

Italy, g. Positano

On the Amalfi Coast also has a tiny town, which many travelers have deserved a "paradise on earth". And this city Positano.

It was this town with a population of just over 3 th. People paint artists around the world, these types of print on calendars and postcards. Positano - this is exactly, what you expect from Italy: small colorful houses, clear sea and millions of steps in the narrow streets of the city. How would say the Italians: "A must see!" (Italy. - "Should definitely see!")

Ravello town
Italy, g. Ravello

The last city, we mention (but not the last on the coast), this Ravello. City level 350 m above sea level. Can you imagine, What views are travelers from this height?! One writer said about Ravello so - "between the sky and the water" ... It would be possible to complete the description of Ravello these words, but it is impossible not to mention the world-famous music festival, which takes place in the Villa Rufolo. Right here, Ravello, They gather the best musicians from around the world and perform on a small stage, allowing you to combine the sounds of music with enthusiasm from the surrounding panoramas.

Talking about the Amalfi Coast can be indefinitely, and each time finding new words for admiration. But no guidebook will not give the atmosphere, which is surrounded by one steps to the traveler. A must see.