вид на город

The first impression of the отеле Prince Palace was very positive - a huge building height of thirty floors, the doorman at the entrance, red carpets and a variety of stampings on the walls, executed in gold. Generally, the first floor has impressed glitter and glamor.

We lived in a room on 21 floor, I am very happy, as it hoped for a nice view. But it turned out, that get to our room, you can only transfer. On 11 floor, it is necessary to get out of the elevator, walk down the hall past the restaurant and conference rooms, and then take another elevator and get to your destination. Maybe, in normal times, it does not cause much discomfort, but we were just in the date, when the hotel hosts a major conference, brought together representatives of China, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries. Everytime, getting to the second elevator, we had to go through a crazy crush, It is causing some discomfort.

On 11 floor also has two restaurants - paid and our, where you could have breakfast, presenting card, which is given on arrival. The morning menu was, normally filled with rice dishes and fruit, as well as various cakes. But meat was offered only a kind of goulash with sausages and scrambled eggs. Nevertheless, we did not go hungry. On the same floor is a small beautiful waterfall, outdoor terrace and two huge hot tub. But, swim in them, we could not, because they do not really want to see, as we will have to stare the other hotel guests. Probably, This is the opinion of the majority of tourists, Jacuzzi and these are likely decoration, rather than fulfill their intended purpose.

But the main disappointment was himself in a hotel room. In planning it is quite comfortable, as consisted of two room is a living room with kitchen and bedroom, where there was a large window. But, The view from it is very far from the Thai relaxation. Quite often we could see the gray roofs of garages and high-rise buildings here and there. Generally, this beautiful landscape can be called only at night, when it was replaced by mediocrity darkness with bright lights. We have been looking for a TV, not yet realized, that he hid in a cupboard for doors. And the bathroom was pleased with the presence of a bath, instead shower.

The worst impressions left service. We just settled, I was horrified, I saw a huge dead cockroach in length 5 cm. When I called the manager on the floor and asked him to remove the creepy insect, He just rolled his foot in the corridor. The most interesting, the next day after housekeeping and cockroach lying on the carpet in the hallway. Besides all, what did the cleaners in our room - is to make the bed, and the bathroom and I did find the two black hair. Apparently, This is my "surrender" of the left on the nightstand 20 Bat. Pattaya and Koh Chang for this bill, we laid out hearts out of towels and sprinkle them with flowers. But, apparently, at the capital's technical staff their prices.

Generally, promising title "Prince Palace"Did not live up to our expectations. Therefore, do not advise populated in the capital pretentious hotels. It is better to look for modest apartments, but cleaner and more comfortable.