Центральный холл отеля.

We arrived at the Saturn resort early in the morning. In an information sheet we had written, that check into a hotel with 14:00 up to 16:00, but now only 6:00. Where to go, where to go? At Sea – cold, take a walk around the resort - cold (from the sea was blowing cool wind), and in the streets no one else, nothing else is not working. The main entrance to the hotel.Decided to go in отель Sirena, but to sit in the lobby, there, too, did not want to, We decided to stick to the manageress, that she have somehow populated ahead of time. The administrator knew such languages: Romanian, German, a few words in English and a few words in Russian. So we explained to her almost on the fingers and a piece of paper - the numbers we wrote. Thanks to her great - we settled ahead of time and nothing we did not take further. She gave us the electronic key, paper for the visit to the restaurant for breakfast (in the hotel we were catering BB – breakfast only – Buffet) and a wrapper on the dongle indicating our room.

Hotel Sirena (and the number of) we liked. The reconstruction was carried out recently - everything was brand new, glistened and sparkled. We lived on the twelfth floor. The room had a safe, TV with cable TV, a small fridge, closet with hangers, mirror, balcony with sea view, on the balcony – two chairs and a table (White plastic), in the bathroom in a box lying plastic shower cap. Bedding and towels in the room were clean (unlike Egypt). What struck me was near the safe in the box were colored thread with a needle and pin service at the highest level. In the corridors and stairwells - "know-how". In normal mode, the light bulb turned off, near the sensor lights installed, reagiruyushtie movement. Once a person starts to move to my room, sensor triggers - and the light is switched, and then automatically turns off. But there is a certain defect: Sensors unilaterally directed. When a person leaves the room and moves along the corridor in the opposite direction, the light turns on, when a person has passed, behind him. Thus, figuratively speaking, first down, He was killed in the dark, and then just turn the bulb. Among another "know-how" - a power outage in the room. Entering the room, it was necessary to insert the dongle in a designated place, and only then in the room could use electric appliances. Coming out of the room, taking the key with, the visitor is automatically cut off the power supply in the room - here's a safety and energy savings immediately (when someone forgets something off and will go to the beach).

Aquapark hotel.At about three days to our room called the escort from the tour operator (Live in Constanta), Although we no longer hoped for any further support, And especially, we do not need. We agreed to meet her at 20:00 - She wanted to hear our impressions (What we liked, but that did not like), tell us a little about Romania, answer our questions (if any) and offer us the tour. Svetlana opened the "secret" – why a piece of paper from the electronic key numbers. Near the hotel there is a large pool called the "water park", Although the water park - it loudly. So for free access to this pool, the visitor was present on duty at the entrance to this very piece of paper out of the hotel with the number and date of departure. For the rest - entrance fee. At the pool there are deck chairs, umbrellas, toilet, changing rooms, souls in the form of a penguin, bar Swimming pool in night illumination.drinks for a fee. Upon entering the pool (We decided to visit, when, after the sand storm was very wet, and the sea is cold) I had a mishap. At the entrance to my little man jumps up and asks smartly: «Do you speak English?". I'm scared, Now he will start me something to push for the money (offer to buy), and I decided to pretend to be a fool, just in case, which does not understand the languages ​​in addition to Russian (the language of the Romanians did not know), and I replied,: "A little bit". Romanians little confused and then repeated the question: «Do you speak English?". Again I said,, that "a little bit". What is a "little bit", Romanians did not understand, He waved his hand at me and came back a minute later with mattresses for the sunbeds. Turns, he wanted them to give me for free.

On the beach.As for the rest of the sea ... This hotel is directly on the beach angle, windows are located on both sides of the sea, sandy beach is very wide (up to 240 m), sand with a grayish tint (It includes impurities earth), sandy bottom near the shore, fine, warm water, It warms up quickly. Romanian woman sunbathing in a swimsuit without a bra «topless», come to the beach as it should be - in a bathing suit, and then remove the bra and sunbathe without, when leaving the beach – wear it again. Every day, morning and evening comes and spends a tractor spring cleaning the beach, very clean beach. Free access to the beach, sunbeds and umbrellas – for a fee. On the beach every 10 meter boxes are signed (Plastic и Papers) - For plastic bottles and other debris. But not all conscious citizens - some of the debris to the beach is not clean: abandoned and went, urn at exactly 5 meters. Clean beach Gypsies, adult help clean up their small children.

Speaking of breakfast at the hotel. As I already said,, Breakfast - Buffet. For breakfast served: feta cheese, yellow cheese (but more soft and watery, than our domestic), boiled chicken eggs, toast, fried chicken livers, salad of cabbage belokachanoy, fresh (sliced) cucumbers and tomatoes, coffee, tea (separate hot water, separate bags Greenfield, separate sugar in sachets, plastic spoon for stirring), kefir, Cooked sausages, Cooked sausage with herbs, ham, frankfurters (but we missed them), cereals (sweet different forms - in the form of petals of yellow, as brown brown beads and white rings). Flakes could pour hot milk. Once served chilled boiled macaroni and cheese, cheese, drenched yogurt. I thought, it's a salad of squid on her head nagrёb them more. And then a long and tedious they sat and ate up, leave on the table - it was a shame. Bread (sliced ​​loaf) toasted immediately could make biscuits. I tried to cram "in reserve", i.e, so you did not need to eat lunch, in order to save.

These are the impressions of rest.