If you plan to fly in an airplane, then the following tips will be useful for you. They will help you save time, protect nerves and avoid unnecessary expenses.

1. How to register, customs inspection and passport control as quickly as possible. Registration can go directly to the airline. In most cases, this option becomes available for the already 24 hours before the departure time. Thus, you will avoid long waiting lines for registration. Before, how to pass customs inspection, Transfer from the pockets of keys in your hand luggage, phone, trifle. Also worth in advance to remove his belt. These actions will help to save a few minutes. The queue for passport control, select the, in which the smallest number of young children. Usually, their parents are tested for longer, than the rest of the passengers.

Comfortable flight

2. How can we take the child during the flight. If you plan to fly with a baby, make sure in advance that, to flight he was what to do. Take in the beauty of some of the usual kid stuff: toy, a bottle of your favorite beverage, coloring, picture books, plate with your favorite cartoons. Power should also be familiar. Terms of aviation security does not prohibit taking to the salon baby food. Taking with him a smoothie, biscuits, juices – those products, that the child usually use at home. It is not known, how the baby will respond to food, intended for the passengers. To help a child cope with laying the ears during takeoff, offer him a pacifier or lollipop. Many kiddies like to sit by the window and seen the passing clouds, located at the bottom of the field, River, mountains.

3. How to proceed, if the luggage is lost? Sometimes there are such unpleasant situations, when, after a trip to a destination luggage is lost. If this happened to you, the first thing is to find a representative of the airline or the airport, and to inform him about the incident. This requires, to about this situation was an official act. You also need to find out, Can I get compensation from the airline in such cases. It is to be carried out searches of luggage, you will lay additional charges on the purchase of basic necessities. If baggage eventually there, insist on delivering it to your hotel. Do not waste time and money on an independent trip to the airport. You can also pre-purchase insurance in case, if the luggage is lost forever. It is inexpensive, but it can give you confidence and preserve the nerves.

4. On arrival at the airport of destination should not use located in its territory exchange offices. Exchange rate them, usually, unprofitable. To be able to reach the city center, better to remove the small amount of money in local currency from an ATM. Or, if possible, pay bus tickets and train bank card in the ticket machine.

Of course, it is impossible to fully anticipate all the difficult moments, that may arise during the flight. However, these tips will help you make it more comfortable and enjoyable.