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Montana Magica Lodge – fabulous forest hotel in Chile


Without a doubt, the Montana Magica Lodge, located in Huilo-Hulio Chile is one of the most unique in South America. This strange ekovilla made in the style of a faux volcano and contains all the amenities of modern life.

the Montana Magica Lodge, ChileThe hotel is built and decorated in genuine mountain style with local wood and stone. The main notable feature are the Windows, wall, doors and stairs. They are all made of rough wood, rural. Large Windows made for, guests can enjoy the beauty of the enveloping forest hotel. Each room is named after different breeds of native birds, and they all have a well-equipped bathroom.

Hall Montana Magica LodgeThe architecture of the hotel, combined with the forest setting, makes it truly magical. There are virtually no right angles, typical for modern buildings, what makes the hotel unique. Design hotel completely natural, allowing it, how to merge with nature, and people, to fully indulge in a welcome break from the bustle of the city.

The Montana Magica Lodge is located in the North-East from the volcano Mocho-Choshuenco in the Los Rios district. You can reach it on the international road, that connects Panguipulli with San Martin De Los Andes, Argentina. The nearest airport is Pichol, where the hotel can be reached in around two and a half hours by taxi. Another airport is located in Temuco. From there to go to the hotel three hours.

persons room in Hotel Montana Magica LodgeFacilities, the hotel has to offer, outstanding hot tubs, which are made of huge trunks of trees. They are located on the terraces overlooking the forest. Another interesting service – mini Golf. Golf it is located in the heart of the forest, that significantly complicates the game, so it was a fun suitable for even the most ardent fans of this sport.

The hotel was declared a national cultural heritage site by UNESCO, so it just need to visit.